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Other Monitoring

In addition to intrusion alarm monitoring, fire and sprinkler monitoring, video monitoring, and access control management, STANLEY also offers a full suite of other monitoring options, to help you protect your people, property, and assets.

Critical Equipment / Critical Condition Monitoring

Some threats come about when you’re least expecting them. For example, just think of the loss your business could suffer if an important piece of equipment such as a freezer, boiler, air conditioner or compressor were to break down. STANLEY Critical Equipment Monitoring provides real peace of mind if your business is dependent on keeping things humming. STANLEY provides monitoring for critical conditions such as power loss, temperature change, carbon monoxide detection, water detection, voltage levels, humidity levels, and more. When a trouble signal is sent to our 24-hour Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited ProtectionNet™ Monitoring Centre, our specialists will follow your predetermined response plan, ensuring your assets and equipment are protected, and you can act before problems become costly.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

When an electronic sensor at your location detects carbon monoxide, an alarm is triggered and a signal is automatically sent to our 24-hour Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited ProtectionNet™ Monitoring Centre. Our monitoring stations are fully staffed around the clock with trained security professionals ready to handle any emergency.

Medical Response

Keep your staff, customers, and visitors safe by responding quickly in a medical emergency. When a medical alert device is activated, the signal will be sent immediately to our 24-hour Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited ProtectionNet™ Monitoring Centre, where our monitoring specialists will notify the paramedics or responding agency and you of the emergency.

Elevator Telephone Monitoring

Upon activation of the local elevator telephone, our 24-hour Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited ProtectionNet™ Monitoring Centre will automatically receive a call from the elevator occupant. Upon notification, our specialists will follow the predetermined action plan agreed upon by you for quick response.

Hold Up & Panic Alarm

Provide your employees with peace of mind by providing a hold up/panic alarm. In the event of an emergency, personnel can activate the panic alarm device to send a signal to a STANLEY Security ProtectionNet Monitoring Centre. Our specialists will notify the police and then will contact the facility in order to verify the situation happening at the location and confirm safety. In addition, our RTLS solution works over your existing Wi-Fi network, allowing for easy installation and instant notification of exact location of panic button activation.

Duress Monitoring

STANLEY provides solutions for your employees when forced to arm or disarm a system under duress. When opening or closing, a user can enter a special code into the keypad, which will silently transmit a duress alarm signal to our ProtectionNet Monitoring Centrer. We will then notify the police department of the duress alarm, and follow up shortly to ensure the issue has been handled.

Open and Close Supervision and Tracking

We offer several monitoring solutions around the opening and closing of your facility. With STANLEY’s Open and Close Signal Supervision, the monitoring centre will observe as a facility is opening or closing to ensure that your employees are following the appropriate procedures. Our ProtectionNet Monitoring Centre automatically logs the time and user number for each arm and disarm. Additionally, when a disarm signal is received 15 minutes or more before the scheduled opening time or if the arming signal is not received within 30 minutes of the scheduled closing time, we can notify you. In addition, we can provide reports with data gathered through Open/Close supervision and tracking, and can automatically generate and email the reports to you on a weekly basis.

Standard and Customized Exception Reporting

STANLEY can provide you with a report detailing various information about the unscheduled times that your intrusion alarms are activated or deactivated and the results (for example, the number of times a location was opened after its normal 7:30am opening time). Reports can be emailed to you on a daily basis, and can provide a list of your locations that meet a certain criteria for the previous 24-hour time period.

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