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By a STANLEY trusted
security advisor


Action not Words

STANLEY is a recognised brand the world over, and its longstanding reputation for quality fosters immediate trust from buyers and users alike.  STANLEY Security may be less well known than the tools side of the business, but it’s fair to say the brand attributes remain just as strong: we can be relied upon to provide good quality security solutions.  

Our Five Customer Touchpoints – Installation, Service, Monitoring, Invoicing and Account Management – make for a positive customer service offering, but what if we could make that customer service industry leading? Let me introduce you to our Customer First programme.

As the GB Customer First Leader, I am working with the Customer Service team and key managers to change how we approach Customer Service. We want to move away from the traditional reactionary model, i.e. dealing with an issue, to a more advanced pro active approach, and heading off issues before they turn into a complaint or even a grumble.

Lots of companies pay lip service to Customer Service, but our Customer First programme means doing things in a different way. It’s in its infancy stage currently, but already we have made some significant progress.

Firstly, when a new customer comes on board we will be providing them with an information pack containing key contacts and details of our processes. More often than not they will have only had contact with a sales person and are now faced with a range of people to deal with. We aim to make this transition smooth and simple. It’s a small, but effective change.

Secondly, we have introduced a ‘Customer Discussion Guide’, which sounds like a horrible telesales script, but is far from! For some people the only time they are in contact with a supplier is at the beginning of a contract as part of the sales process and later on if they have a problem. We want to avoid that scenario and ensure the customer has a positive experience of communicating with STANLEY Security, whilst at the same time avoiding over communicating and becoming a nuisance; it’s a balancing act.

Thirdly, we are changing how we work internally on a fundamental level through cross departmental information sharing. This is particularly important when dealing with complaints. We map the customer journey from the very beginning and employ a ‘happiness indicator’. Obviously we want to address complaints and make it right with the customer, but we also want to learn from each experience. By tracing and following how we arrived at any complaint we can prevent it from happening again.

Fourthly, we have changed how we deal with a dissatisfied customer, even if it’s a very small issue. If a customer has made a complaint, they will always receive a call from Customer Services as we find that they are more open with us and help us get to the bottom of the issue quicker. Us Brits are a rather reserved bunch and are reluctant to be completely honest with the person we have been dealing with, such as the account manager or engineer. Even if a customer decides to leave us, we conduct an Exit interview to get honest feedback which is often the most valuable feedback - straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Lastly, we have introduced a Bespoke Management service for new key customers and for existing customers that we consider require more focussed attention. Essentially this enables us to centralise their contact with STANLEY Security through the Customer Services team; we then contact the relevant people in the company when required. It’s a far more personal service and bespoke in that we deal with each customer in a manner that works for them, from asking how frequently they want to be contacted by us and via which preferred medium, through to reporting and tracking. We find six months of Bespoke Management is normally enough to turn that customer around and are pleased to say in the two years we have been doing it we have never lost a customer.

We know that at STANLEY Security we provide good quality security solutions at competitive prices. With our commitment to Customer First, we intend to support that with a truly excellent customer experience.

For more information  contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Author Leanne Taylor Head of Customer Service

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