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By a STANLEY trusted
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Avoiding the Banana Skin

If you’ve ever looked back nostalgically on the good old days, then think again. A recent story on the BBC’s website listed eight things that Britons are less likely to die of today than in the 1970s and 80s, one of which is work. There were 407 fatal accidents in our workplaces from 1986-87, which has now fallen by two-thirds; a big drop and all the more impressive when you consider that we now have a more sizeable workforce.

Probably the biggest factor in this drop in work fatalities is the move from an industrial economy to a service-based one – office workers are far less likely to have a fatal accident than people working in heavy industry. But I believe it is also down to a greater focus on health and safety in the workplace and more stringent regulations to enforce good practice.

I’m sure a lot of people may groan at the mere mention of health and safety. It seems the media can’t get enough of ridiculous health and safety stories and end up demonising regulations that have been hard fought; regulations that have saved lives in the workplace as well as prevented and reduced the seriousness of accidents.

Health and Safety procedures and regulations are there for your benefit. They ensure companies don’t leave their staff open to preventable danger and staff don’t put themselves and others at risk. So we need to take another look at health and safety, in a new, positive light.

STANLEY Security has always taken health and safety seriously. We record, monitor and review accidents to see how we can avoid them in the future. Our review of 2017 showed that most accidents were down to people not understanding the risks in front of them; in fact at least four accidents recorded were entirely preventable. Hence this year our focus is on Hazard Reporting and Near Miss Reporting. We don’t want to wait until something has happened, but want to prevent it in the first place!

Hazard Reporting involves an assessment of the site you are working on and the potential hazards that STANLEY staff need to be aware of and/or the customer needs to address. For example, I’ve been on a site where the building contractors had left a large hole in the floor – that’s an obvious hazard and should never have been left like that.

Near miss reporting on the other hand is more subtle and varied. It’s defined as an “unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness or damage – but had the potential to do so.” Although near misses cause no immediate harm, they can precede events in which a loss or injuries occur. A near miss could be something as simple as someone tripping over a cable; although they didn’t hurt themselves, for the next person to come along carrying a heavy box the outcome could be different.

With the full support of our new General Manager, Matthew Marriot, our aim is to change your mind set. Don’t worry, the process won’t stray into science fiction territory or involve hypnosis; instead we are using a range of methods to help STANLEY engineers perceive risk. This includes smart forms on phones for quick and simple hazard reporting, including pictures, and the use of pictures gathered from STANLEY across Europe to educate our team as to what a near miss could be.

If there is an accident, a STANLEY manager will visit the site to investigate using our new industrial Google Glasses. These glasses enable us to video the site exactly as the person who has had the accident saw it. We can gather valuable information and, where relevant, can show it to the customer for them to take action.

The ultimate aim is to keep you and the customer safe on site. We want you to be able to recognise a hazard and to have the confidence to talk to a client about it. We want health and safety embedded in our company culture and for everyone to:

Think Safe

Work Safe

Go Home Safe

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Author Peter Walker - STANLEY Security EHS Manager

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