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By a STANLEY trusted
security advisor


INTERVIEW: Ashley Hickling, Sales Executive - Senior Account Manager.

In the security industry quality product is vital, of course, but the adage that ‘people buy from people’ is never truer as organisations rely on us to keep them safe and secure.  And we have some great people, that’s for sure!  We’d like to introduce you to one of them - Ashley Hickling, Sales Executive - Senior Account Manager.


AshleyHicklingStanleySecurity Hi Ashley.  Let’s start with the basics.  Do you prefer Ashley or Ash?

"Everyone calls me Ash, so let’s stick with that."

OK Ash, can you tell me how you start your day?

"I get up at 7 o’clock and I’m in the shower, followed by coffee and either porridge or a bagel.  I’m working from 8am on a typical day.  I tend to do my emails first and any urgent admin.  After 9 I contact customers." 

Are you mostly on the road in your line of work?

"Tuesday to Thursday’s I’m on the road and I aim to do four or five appointments per day, although five is the optimum.  Most of my appointments are after 9.30am and they generally last about 30 minutes. 

Monday and Friday are admin days, which I can do from home but I actually prefer to be in the office."

What’s so great about your office?

"I’m about 20-30 minutes from the Bredbury office and I like spending time there as the team has a very good vibe.  We get on really well and help each other out.  In this industry you get asked thousands of questions and there’s no way I will no the answer to every one of them, but the team in the office has a good knowledge which we all share."

Apart from the STANLEY Security team, what do you like about your work?

"It’s the people – the customers.  I like meeting with them and seeing what they currently have in place and how they are finding it, what issues they may have and looking if there is room for improvement.  I also like to introduce them to other systems they might be interested in. 

I put a plan of action in place for them, which typically means reaching out to STANLEY departments such as service or site survey (although if it’s a small project I can do that myself).  There’re different aspects to the job and you need a good understanding.

Many of our customers have different pain points when it comes to security. Only by taking a consultative approach can we understand each one individually and ensure we provide the right systems." 


I hear there’s been some changes in your role recently?

“Yes, there’s been a slight restructure in the sales department so I’ve changed some of the postcode areas in which I work.  Right now, I’m really focussed on building the pipeline and meeting customers in my new areas."

How often to do you meet customers?

“It’s completely up to them.  A ‘P1’ – Priority 1 – tends to be a large customer so I put in a monthly or quarterly operation review.  A P2, for example, would be mid-range and requires a quarterly review. 

All of our customers are of equal importance but owing to the size of some installations, I tend to visit them more regularly."

What’s your relationship like with customers?

"I pride myself on my social skills and although I’m selling I don’t want them to feel like they are being sold to.  I’m a naturally friendly person, but I always have a professional etiquette, even if I know them very well.  I like to solve problems, and my job allows me to do this on a daily basis."


What do you do for lunch?

"Actually, we’re all quite health conscious in our office so no sandwiches.  We do a carpool to the supermarket around 11am – we eat lunch early! – and get a selection of healthy foods from the food counter and take it back to the office where we all eat together.  It’s important to eat right and also get some downtime.  We quite often play table tennis for 15 minutes as there’s a table in the warehouse."

So, are you all super competitive?

"We’re friendly competitive!  We have a sales league table which comes out every month.  It’s great if a colleague goes above target.  We tend to measure ourselves against our own targets not each other. 

One year we all had a stupidly good quarter and were rewarded with a substantial bonus which we pooled and went to Barcelona for two days.  There was 11 of us and we had a VIP box to see Barcelona play.  It was a fantastic experience." 

How does your working day end?

"I’m typically home at 5.  I finish emails, put things in place for the next day.  Depending on how much work I have on, I typically finish anytime between 6-8pm."

How do you relax out of work?

"I play a lot of tennis, I’m a big Nottingham Forest football fan and I like walking my dog Daisy, a two-year-old labradoodle.  I’m also watching all of Friends on Netflix with my girlfriend as she’s never seen it."


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