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By a STANLEY trusted
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What will you be gifting to unwanted ‘visitors’ this Christmas?

For most of us, the Christmas festive season is one of celebration, spending time with loved ones and sending and receiving gifts.  But, sadly, it’s also a time when thieves are at their most active.

Analysis of England and Wales Crime Statistics shows the total number of thefts over the festive period increases by 20%.  What’s more it’s on the rise, year on year.  

What actions can you take to protect your home and its contents and make sure Christmas remains a happy time?

Stanley Home Security Infographic smallGoing away?

One of the main reasons for the rise in theft, burglary and robbery over Christmas is most likely due to homes being left empty whilst people are away visiting friends and relatives. Criminals take advantage of these empty ‘Aladdin’s Caves’.

If you are going away, it’s important you don’t advertise the fact.  Firstly, avoid discussing holiday plans on public social networking sites, no matter how excited you might be at the prospect!

Secondly, make it look like you are at home by:

  • Using automatic timer-switches to turn your lights and radios on when it goes dark.
  • Cancelling any newspaper or milk deliveries.
  • ·Not letting mail pile up. See if a neighbour can collect it or use the Royal Mail's 'keepsafe' service which holds on to your mail until you return (five days' notice is required, so don’t leave it too late).


If you are staying at home this Christmas, then you still need to be vigilant.

  • Keep gifts out of view of windows and, if you can contain yourself (!), only place them under the tree on Christmas Eve.
  • Beware of tipping off thieves to your lovely new expensive presents by putting the packaging out for refuse collectors. Either put it out the night before collection or take it to a recycling centre.
  • Using automatic timer-switches to turn lights on is not only good for when you are away, but can also be beneficial in the winter months with its long nights. You might also want to consider fitting a motion sensor flood light at your front door.
  • In most burglaries, criminals break into properties through the door, either by forcing the lock or kicking it in. Make sure your doors are strong and secure.
  • Fit window locks with keys to all downstairs windows and those upstairs that are easy to reach.
  • Secure your property’s perimeters, ensuring fences are well maintained and side gates are locked.
  • If you are lucky enough to own valuable jewellery, a small safe could be a wise investment.
  • Hide your keys, especially car keys. It’s bad enough if someone steals items from your home, but don’t gift them your car as well!
  • Consider electronic security measures, including an intruder alarm system (also known as a burglar alarm system). Ensure it is professionally monitored.

STANLEY Security offers a range of home security solutions including the innovative ZeroWire systems. 

ZeroWire enables you to connect a range of home devices, including lights, locks, thermostats and alarm systems, and manage them remotely via Smartphones and tablets.  You can set alarms, check door and window locks. Or you can have your system monitored 24/7 by a professional central station that can dispatch the police, fire & rescue services or an ambulance when there's an emergency at your home.


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