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By a STANLEY trusted
security advisor


Protect your business over the festive period

There is an increase in burglaries over Christmas period with businesses being affected just as much as homeowners.

The latest estimate from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (year ending June 2018) showed an         8% increase in theft compared with the previous year.This brings the figure to 3,591,000 reported thefts. What’s more it’s on the rise, year on year.  

Here’s some security tips from our team on what you can do to keep your premises secure this Christmas…

business security

Tip 1: Get prepared 

Most businesses, depending on the industry, will more than likely be closing for at least the main Christmas holiday period.  During this time, it is essential to make sure your premises remain secure and that you know who holds alarm codes and keys and your alarm-receiving centre has all the correct information.  Keeping a key holder list and having a secure copy of who has security details will help the police if there is any crime, which can help with asset recovery


Tip 2: Don’t forget the basics

The final week before Christmas is typically very busy for everyone at work and it is easy to forget the basics. Make sure you remind everyone to be security aware and think about conducting a final security check of the site to make sure doors and windows are closed and locked.  Santa may be welcome this time of year, but you don’t want unexpected ‘visitors’ popping in!


Tip 3: Raise the alarm

An Intruder Alarm system is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent break-ins out of business hours and is particularly useful over Christmas when properties are empty for longer periods than usual.  Detection devices are located at key points within the premises (external devices are also available).  If an alarm is activated, the panel sends a signal to the user or a monitoring centre.  

STANLEY Security’s intruder alarm systems utilise the very best wireless and wired alarm technology, from motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices.


Tip 4: Temporary remote monitoring 

Temporary CCTV monitoring is ideal for businesses that need protecting for a set amount of time. Anything suspicious would be immediately flagged and reported back to you.

We also provide this service via our Monitoring Centre, a Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre.  


Tip 5: Get in touch

A good security company will be able to provide you with a risk assessment and a detailed recommendation of the security systems that are right for you.  Investing in security is ultimately an investment in your business and will provide you with greater peace of mind; and that’s something we all look for, especially over the festive season.


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