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5 simple home security holiday tips

Securing your property is important whatever the time of year, but all the more so during holiday season as empty homes make for potentially rich pickings. 

No doubt you are looking forward to enjoying a well-earned break, but be sure to follow our tips below to help you secure your home, so you can well and truly relax on your summer hols...

Latest government statistics for England and Wales* show that 2 in 100 households are victims of domestic burglary, with those in urban areas being most at risk. On a positive note, this figure has decreased considerably over the past two decades ago, when it was 9 in 100 households



According to the Office for National Statistics: “It is widely accepted that improvements to home security have been an important factor in the reduction seen in domestic burglary offences.”


holidays infographic home security tips

    to download our home security tips infographic

Don’t give the game away

Although you’re excited to be going away, try not to let the entire world know!  Don’t tell everyone in your local coffee shop that you’re off in the sun from next week.  Equally, avoid providing details of your forthcoming trip on social networking sites, especially if they can be seen by the general public.

Be prepared

Think ahead.  Is your home well protected?  Are the fences around your garden in good condition?  Could you benefit from improved outside lighting or a security system?  

Before you go on holiday, have a quick tidy up outside.  Secure bikes by locking them to an immoveable object inside a locked shed or garage.  Put ladders and tools away so they can’t be used by opportunistic burglars to break into your home.  Lock all side gates.

Give the impression someone is at home

Cancel any regular deliveries such as newspaper or milk and see if a trusted neighbour will collect your post.  Items such as these sat on the doorstep or visible through the letter box are a clear sign that you are away.  You might want to consider using the Royal Mail's 'keepsafe' service, which holds on to your mail for up to two months; this requires five days’ notice, so be sure to plan ahead.

If your neighbour is happy to collect the post, you could also ask them to open and close curtains and, if you have a driveway, see if they would mind parking their car on it if you’ve taken yours on holiday.

Use timers to good effect, switching on lights in the evening and TV and radios.

Keep your valuables safe

Purses, wallets and money are the most frequently stolen items in domestic burglaries, with jewellery and watches, computer equipment and other electronic goods also commonly stolen.  Remove such valuables from view of ground floor windows and store high value items in a properly secured safe or, at the very least, find a good hiding place; and no, the back of a sock drawer does not count!

Car keys should also be hidden.  If you have a keyless car then make sure the care key transmitter is hidden well away from doors and windows to avoid what is known as ‘keyless theft’.  

If the worst comes to the worst, then be prepared by having marked your property with your postcode and house number and registering it with Immobilise. It helps Police identify the owners of recovered property and is completely free.

Smart home security 

Smart security systems are particular popular as they enable a range of home devices to be connected, including lights, locks, thermostats and alarm systems.  What’s more, the system can be managed via a smartphone or tablet, from within the property when you’re home, or remotely – even half way around the world!  STANLEY Security offers a range of smart security systems and, for an added layer of protection, a 24/7 monitoring service that can dispatch the emergency services.

Now you can have at-a-glance visibility into what’s happening at home, wherever you are.

Smart home security

Get a complete overview of STANLEY Security smart home solutions and get help choosing the right security solution for you with these quick reference guides.


Want to improve your home security by installing a smart home security system? 


* ‘Overview of burglary and other household theft: England and Wales’, Office for National Statistics













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