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CCTV systems explained

Why is CCTV so popular and what are the options for a basic CCTV system for businesses?

The UK spends an estimated £2.2 billion per year on CCTV and other surveillance camera technology.  That represents one camera for every 32 citizens.  


What is CCTV and what is it used for?

As the name implies, CCTV is a TV system but one where the viewing of the signals is restricted.  

As a security system, CCTV can act as a valuable deterrent; can provide live monitoring to enable you to take action where required; and can be used for evidential purposes.  According to latest crime stats, CCTV surveillance is useful in about 65% of crimes where CCTV footage was available.

Although CCTV is primarily for security purposes, it can also be beneficial for surveillance for health and safety and monitoring business processes. 

What does a standard CCTV system consist of?

Whilst there is no ‘one size fits all’ CCTV system, they do have the same basic components:

  • Cameras
  • Monitors
  • Video management & recording system
  • Cable and Connectors
  • Power Supply

CCTV cameras infographic

    to download our CCTV cameras infographic


Modern CCTV recording 

4 Channel NVR Gone are the problematic days of recording CCTV images to VHS tapes.  Nowadays, there are a host of far better options, including a DVR for storing a single feed for days or weeks, to distributed, IP-based video recording solutions that can capture everything that happens throughout your facility for months and stores footage remotely.  The STANLEY Security Video Cloud is one such IP based system - a fully managed cloud video surveillance solution, delivering an end-to-end video management system that is simple to deploy and easy to use.

Latest trends in CCTV – ditching the cabling

In the past, CCTV systems required their own cable network, which added to the cost of the system in terms of equipment and installation work, plus it was disruptive.  Nowadays, IP based CCTV systems enable all signals to be run through a site’s existing IP network, removing that additional cost and making for a much faster installation.

In addition, many CCTV cameras offer wireless connectivity, using Wi-Fi to transmit signals to the security system, ditching cabling altogether (although power cables are still required).

Interested in how a CCTV system could benefit your business?

smecctvSTANLEY Security designs, installs, maintains and upgrades a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet businesses' specific needs and budgets.  We provide interior and exterior security camera systems, onsite storage, and video management software from many leading brands.  

Our network cameras cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates, to discreet products for sensitive environments.

The cameras provide several capabilities – HDTV, wide dynamic range (WDR), infrared (IR) and Light finder, which ensure clear video even in difficult lighting conditions. Our cameras also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.

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