Global security from a single source

Our global accounts program supports organisations to integrate and maintain a consistent security experience across worldwide locations. With coverage across 6 continents, we can support you all over the globe - in existing territories and as your business grows into new areas. By partnering with us, you benefit from the simplicity and convenience of having one trusted source for all your security needs, regardless of geographic location.


“We recognise the organisational value of a single source for global security needs. Our global reach and local touch empowers clients with a convenient security experience across 6 continents.” Tom Echols, Vice President, National and Global Accounts, STANLEY Security

Tom Echols, Vice President, National and Global Accounts, STANLEY Security

Global support, local trust

We are a global provider that can be trusted to support you locally, through dedicated regional teams of Project Managers and Engineers. Our Teams have helped global organisations implement security in locations across North America, South America, Central Europe, the Nordics, United Kingdom, Ireland, Africa and Asia.

All our specialists have knowledge of laws and regulations associated with integrating and maintaining security systems in their regions. they are also aligned with our global teams to ensure your local security operations comply with your global standards.

How we do it

We start all projects with a robust client onboarding process, so we can understand your needs and devise a delivery plan which fulfils them.

When delivering a project, we prioritize aligning with your global security standards - especially if you are a new client - so we can keep your security experience consistent across all regions.

Maintain high-quality standards whilst delivering projects is important to us, so we’re continuously evolving and investing in our delivery model. That ensures we are leveraging the latest project management tools, processes, and technologies - and have the best talent in our teams.

Ready to get started?

Want to know more about our Global Accounts program, and how we can support you with world-class security integration and management? Download this brochure to learn how we can apply our global experience to your local security need.




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