How much does CCTV monitoring really cost?

Many companies worry about the cost of remote video surveillance (CCTV) and alarm monitoring, so we asked a monitoring expert to take a look at the myths surrounding these services and provide some hard facts that might make you look at this in a different light.

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5 reasons to move to remote monitoring of CCTV

For a truly effective CCTV system, you need to monitor it round the clock to check for suspicious activity; otherwise, your system is mostly a deterrent or there to provide evidence post event (when most people would prefer to prevent the ‘event’ in the first place).

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STANLEY Security Partners with Blackline Safety

STANLEY Security, one of the UK’s leading security providers, is pleased to announce it will be providing its round the clock safety monitoring and emergency response management services to Blackline Safety customers across the UK and Europe. 

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How to check your business is secure during the Covid-19 lockdown

Many businesses are having to shut their doors on public access areas and high street locations during the COVID-19 lockdown and we know that this can add to a growing list of worries, particularly about how you can ensure your business premises are secured during any extended shut down or closure period. Under normal circumstances, we would recommend undertaking a security assessment with your security provider to ensure all aspects are covered and to identify any particular security risks that need to be addressed.

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