For most families, your teenage child going to University is the first time they will have left home for any length of time.  It’s a time of mixed emotions including excitement and satisfaction that you’ve done your best for them, but tinged with a degree of sadness and apprehension. 

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Whilst we can’t help with the sadness, we certainly can help reduce any anxiety you may be feeling about your sons and daughters being away from your protection. 

The STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app is a cost-effective, versatile and simple to use mobile phone app that your child can use to protect themselves where ever they may be and whatever situation they find themselves in. 

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Once installed on their phone, if they feel they are in danger all they need do is activate an alert through STANLEY Guard, either by shaking the phone or by using the slider.  The STANLEY Monitoring Centre receives the alert with audio/video evidence taken from the phone and GPS location, verifies the threat and severity of the incident, and dispatches appropriate authorities.

Deterrent to unwanted attention

It can also be used as a deterrent, with activation resulting in an ear piecing alarm sound and the flash on the phone strobing in order to attract maximum attention.

Of course, there are times when your son or daughter may not wish to alert the person they are with.  Here, STANLEY Guard provides a stealth alarm mode, plus there’s an option to use the alarm in lock screen mode, so they can discretely activate the alarm, even when it’s in a handbag or pocket.

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Peace of mind

We all know students like to party and some go on well into the wee hours.  STANLEY Guard is ideal here as it can be activated before going home.  We track your child in real time from the moment STANLEY Guard is activated by them, even though an alert has not yet been raised.  It provides your child with an added safety factor and peace of mind for both of you.

Going off to University is a major change for you and your young adult offspring!  Whilst you can’t wrap them in cotton wool, you can provide remote protection and help them feel safer and be better protected than ever before.

 Stanley Guard starts from just £8 per month, order yours today


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As part of the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2018, more than 20,000 students were asked if they agreed that their university offered “good security”. The University of Surrey came top of the league table.  See here for the list.













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