STANLEY Security, one of the most trusted names in the world of security, has announced the three winning schools for its competition TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS. 

Those children's nurseries, schools and colleges that accumulated the most votes in the contest across the three tiers - children's nurseries, under 300 pupils, over 301 pupils - will share in the £20,000 for the installation of bespoke STANLEY Security products and services.

Mendip Green Primary School

The top value prize of £10,000 worth of security products and services was awarded to Mendip Green Primary School, Weston-super-Mare, in the 'more than 301 students' category, with an incredible 12,115 votes.

Bristol's Blagdon Primary School

Bristol's Blagdon Primary School won the 'less than 300 students' category with 2431 votes and will receive up to a value of £7,500.

The Springboard Opportunity Group

The Springboard Opportunity Group in Clevedon won the 'children's nursery' category with 1224 votes, and will benefit from up to £2,500 worth of security.

STANLEY Security understands the security needs of learning institutions and has the expertise in assessing risks and implementing the appropriate solution to help protect students and staff.

From primary schools to multi-campus universities, providing a safe, secure learning environment within the constraints of today's budgets and regulations is a challenge for every education system. STANLEY Security offers integrated security solutions that help education facilities meet the challenge. Nurseries, Schools and colleges have an important role in protecting both staff and pupils that is why it is crucial that the correct security measures are in place.

But it seems the TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS competition has had far reaching implications beyond just the need for security as Lorraine, one of the Pupil and Family Support Workers at the winning Mendip Green Primary School, comments: "It has shown us as a school what an absolutely amazing community both within the school and the wider community we have down here in Somerset.  I have been blown away with how our campaign for votes has taken off. Even the Police Commissionaire has got involved and promoted us as a school! We've had votes from Australia, Canada, South Africa to name just a few places.

Joanne Kingscott, Senior Administer for the Springboard Opportunity Group, said: "Springboard Opportunity Group is a preschool for children with additional needs and disabilities where security and safety is priority. Maintaining a safe, welcoming and nurturing building is a challenge and we are extremely grateful to STANLEY Security for enabling us to do this.

STANLEY Security hosted the competition, TOGETHER FOR SAFER SCHOOLS, to partner with educational facilities to strive to provide safe learning environments for students, staff, administrators and visitors across the UK.

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