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5 top security tips for dealing with the clocks going back

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Don’t get caught out with the bi annual clock changing routine this weekend. The clocks go back on Sunday 27th October at 02:00am, so we can all enjoy an extra hour in bed.

With the clocks going back comes darker evenings, culminating in the shortest day on 22nd December with sunset at 4.19pm.  That makes the day 8 hours, 49 minutes shorter than the longest day which comes in June.  Roll on June 2020!

Darker nights unfortunately bring an increase in burglaries. 61% of burglaries take place between 6pm and 6am, with 30% of all residential burglaries happening 6pm to midnight.  If we ditched daylight saving time, which would mean extra light in the evening when burglars are at their most active, could this help reduce crime levels?  There’s certainly a good case for this.  

However, for now we’re stuck with the clock changing routine so be sure to take extra vigilance when it comes to security.

5 tips to boost your security

Socialmedia_clocksgoingback1. Don’t advertise you are out for dinner or away on social media

Social networking sites are fantastic for keeping in touch with friends and family, but it is also a place for opportunists. By advertising, you are out or ‘checking in’ on Facebook you are at risk of a burglary. 


2. Popping out for 10 minutes? 

67% of burglars break in through a door and 21% of all burglars access a property through an unlocked door. When you consider that most burglars spend less than ten minutes in a property, popping out to buy milk or to visit the neighbours and not locking your door is a mistake.

Image sensor

3. Check your window

Don’t leave any tools or garden equipment lying outside of your home which could be used to gain entry. 29% of burglars enter through a window, with over a third through an unlocked one. Ensure you have window locks fitted - they are low cost and effective. You could also invest in wireless image sensors that takes a picture when motion is detected and sends it straight to your phone.

dark house

4. Let there be light 

If no one is at home in the early evening, it is important to consider give the impression someone is in. This can be done by leaving a light on or investing in smart home security so that your lights or radio automatically comes on at certain times.

smart home

5. Invest in a security system

63% of burglaries happened to people without a basic security systemInvesting in a security system is just that: an investment, and a low cost one at that.  The Home Office lists the average cost of a burglary to be £3030; that figure is broken down into £1,400 in stolen items, £1190 in emotional cost and £440 in lost productivity.  

A basic security system will set you back as little as £36!  It’s a no brainer surely, especially when you consider that 95% of burglaries across the UK go unsolved.

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Did you know? 

Although first proposed by American statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin in the 18th Century, daylight saving time was first implemented in Britain in WW1 to save on coal usage.  It was continued from that date but really only took traction in the 1970s with the onset of the energy crisis

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