If this Mother's Day is your first as a mother, or maybe you are thinking about starting a family? Then making sure your home is a safe and protected environment is one of your key priorities. Smart security technology can help you to achieve that and provide you with peace of mind. 

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Who is that at the door? Did I turn the alarm on when I left the house? Why is my alarm going off?  Is my baby sleeping well upstairs?

Smart security gives you the instant information you need to make a decision or to be reassured that everything is just as it should be.

smart home security appAt this point, you might be thinking, what is smart home security and how is it going to keep my family safe?

Unlike the concept of a smart home in the 1950s, which meant a well-kept home (!), modern smart homes feature electronic devices that can communicate with each other and can be controlled remotely; that could be from the room next door or halfway across the world via a smartphone or tablet.  Smart security devices include motion sensors, video cameras, door/window sensors and door locks.  They can also be integrated to other compatible smart devices such as thermostats to control the heating, and fire & carbon monoxide alarms.

What is Smart Home Technology?

Modern smart homes feature electronic devices that are capable of communicating with each other and can be controlled remotely; that could be from the room next door or half way across the world via a smartphone or tablet. 

Security was one of the early smart technology adopters and now smart home security is everywhere.  

The success behind this concept is based on convenience, reassurance/peace of mind (did I lock the door before I left?), comfort (e.g. activating the heating before returning home) and energy efficiency.

According to a recent survey, it is estimated that in 2019 6.8 million UK households have been converted to 'smart' homes

Smart home tips

You might be new to the idea of smart home devices or you could even be shopping around for them right now. Whatever stage you're at these three tips will give you more of an insight as to what you should expect from your smart security system.

1. You should feel protected 24/7

keep your family safeMaking sure you and your family feel protected is one of your top priories. You work hard to keep your family happy and safe, so demand the same from your smart security. Not only should a device be able to alert you if there is an attempted break-in but ideally it should be multi-functional; a video camera, for example, can also be used to monitor your baby's bedroom, allowing you to see if your baby is sound asleep, or awake and in need of attention. If it helps, you might find writing a list of all the areas or situations you want to feel, or be, protected could narrow the search for the right smart security solution.

 2. You should be able to use it easily

feel protectedThe main point of a smart home security system is that it's convenient. Not just for you but ultimately for your family.  Making sure the system is simple to use and control whether at home or away could be just as important as making sure you feel protected. 

If considering purchasing one of these devices, do your research. You might find a product that has many levels of security but is too overly complicated to use on the go! 

3. You should get the support you need

home security systemsIt's tempting to shop for connected devices. You are online right now: you may in all probability purchase yourself a window sensor, or a video camera, or an energy-saving thermostat within the next 60 seconds. However, once it arrives, you are on your own to install and configure them, let alone working out how to use them. And will they all work seamlessly together?

An experienced security company, on the other hand, will be able to assess your home for the potential risks and advise on the most effective security devices and where they should be located.  They can provide a complete service, including supply and fit, plus monitoring for those times you are not able to.

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of life's wonderful experiences.  But it can also be an anxious time as you face a whole new set of challenges.  A smart security system can't help you feed your baby in the middle of the night or help at bath time, but it can provide you with peace of mind that your home is safe and secure.

STANLEY Security is one of the foremost security providers in the UK, providing high-quality security products. We design and install home security systems and provide system monitoring.

STANLEY Security wishes all Mothers a Happy Mother's Day! 

smart home security appSTANLEY Security can provide a smart home solution for your security needs, plus many other convenient packages that include smart home energy management, home automation and video monitoring.

Contact STANLEY Security to discuss which package is right for you.

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