With the start of a new year comes new beginnings and a good opportunity to make some changes, be that new year resolutions (dry January or Veganuary anyone?!) or a review of the services you use personally or in your working life...

new beginnings

When it comes to reviewing your security arrangements, it can be difficult to know where to start.  How do you know if you're getting value for money?  What constitutes a good level of service?  Is your security system up to the job at hand or could it be improved?

In the commercial world there's no set menu when it comes to security systems.  Every organisation has its own requirements, just like every site has its own layout, usage etc.  What we can say with certainty is that a supplier who takes a prescriptive approach to security will never deliver you the best outcome.

Which type of security is best?

Let's start with the size of the company.  There seems to be a general impression that you get a more personal service, tailored to your needs, when dealing with smaller, local companies.  However, with less resources and staff, that service may not be as reliable as that provided by a larger company.  Whilst larger security companies have considerable resources, are you in danger of being one of many customers and therefore less important to them?  And aren't they 'faceless' organisations where you never deal with the same person twice?

We hear these comments regularly but I'd like to debunk the idea that you can only get a bespoke security system and personal service if you use a small security company in your locale.  Firstly let me start by saying there are some very good local security companies out there so by no means do I want to discredit the work they do.  There are also some not so great national security companies! 

The larger security companies can offer an excellent level of service tailored to your precise needs but check to see you get a dedicated Account Manager or a single person who acts as the main point of contact.  Whilst you may not need to contact your Account Manager to get a repair done, for example, he/she remains the go to person who is most familiar with your requirements.

Larger security companies can also offer attractive finance options.  Look for those that offer in-house finance solutions, such as STANLEY Assure rental finance, as these are far more flexible than going through third parties and can be structured to suit your specific requirements.  For example, you may want to mix and match what you pay for within those terms and be able to adjust the terms as your own business circumstances change.

Is there a process in place?

Ultimately, whether it's a small or large company, it's the approach they take that matters and how they fulfil your security needs.  This approach should start with a security risk assessment to determine what issues are most likely to affect your business, alongside a review of your current security arrangements.  If it's a small, straightforward project your Account Manager should have the expertise to be able to design the security system.  If your requirements result in a more complex system then a dedicated in-house system designer should be involved.

Once you green light the project, the installation commences to an agreed timeline.  If you are using a smaller local company, make sure they have sufficient staff to start the job in a timely fashion and complete it without dividing their time between other installs.  If it's a national company you opt for, check to see if they have a team locally based to you.

The last part of the project, but an extremely important one, is the Commission & Handover.  It's at this stage that you need to reconcile what was agreed and what has actually been achieved. 

On-going security support

Once your security system is up and running, you need regular maintenance, so check what servicing options are available through your installer.  Also, what level of response you can expect if something goes wrong with the system; how quickly can they respond?

At Stanley Security we understand that not every customer's requirement is the same and we work hard to provide tailor-made high-quality security solutions to match your requirements; from fully integrated security solutions and services that are designed and installed to the specific needs of customers across multiple sectors. This includes access control, intruder alarms, CCTV, alarm monitoring, fire safety and life safety, biometric authentication and much more.

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