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London Fashion Week 2019 is in full swing! The world's best designers and catwalk models flooded the capital for 5 days to display the latest looks. 

But it's not just clothing that's on trend this week - take a look at some of the 'smartest' home security equipment in the business!

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What is Smart Home Technology?

Modern smart homes feature electronic devices that are capable of communicating with each other and can be controlled remotely; that could be from the room next door or half way across the world via a smartphone or tablet.  

Security was one of the early smart technology adopters and now smart home security is everywhere.  The success behind this concept is based on convenience, reassurance / peace of mind, comfort and energy efficiency.

Smart Security Capabilities

Smart Security Capabilities

Here are the most popular devices used within smart security systems in the home:

Smart motion sensors form the basis of an intruder alarm system.  Active when the premises are supposed to be empty, they will provide an alert to your phone if movement is detected.

Smart video cameras have come down dramatically in price and size, making them highly affordable for use in and around the home.  They allow you to view your home live from anywhere, at any time, providing great peace of mind.  They are also ideal for using with motion detectors as you can check to see if an intruder is actually present or if the detector has false alarmed.  Cameras are multi-functional and can be used beyond security, e.g. you could keep an eye on your teenagers left alone for the night, or check your baby is sleeping upstairs.

Smart door and window sensors will alert you if they have been opened, or even if you have accidentally left them open.

Smart door locks enable you to remotely lock and unlock individual doors without the need for a key - great for family members who forget or lose their keys and also to allow trades people to enter when you are out.

zeroWire smart home alarm systems

More often than not smart security systems are combined with other home electronic devices for maximum effect, the most common being smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, thermostats and lighting, but there are plenty of others available including environmental sensors.

STANLEY Security provides state of the art smart home security systems at great prices.  These are available for outright purchase or based on a monthly fee with service costs included.  The systems are exceptional easy to use and the individual devices modern in design and discreet to fit seamlessly into your home, whether you're a fashionista or a frump!

Please contact us If you have any further questions about Smart Home Security.

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