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Celebrating those who make the world progress

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Our world relies on people driving progress for others and their communities. Those that help us to safeguard what matters most, and make the decisions that shape our future. They are the people that help to contribute to the bigger picture – making our world progress.

At STANLEY Security, we are for those who make the world progress – it is the purpose that drives us and our people. That includes our brand ambassador, Nathalie McGloin, who is a tetraplegic racing driver encouraging women and disabled people to believe anything is possible. It also includes employees like Alex and Lukasz – who live our purpose from within by empowering the safety of others. We celebrate them, and those like them.

Driving motorsport forward: Nathalie McGloin

At 16 years old, Nathalie was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Today, Nathalie is the only female tetraplegic racing driver in the world. Nathalie turned what almost took everything away from her into one of her biggest strengths, and became a champion in the process.


Not only is Nathalie a champion on the track, she is also one off it. Through her work as the FIA Disability & Accessibility Commission President, as well as being an ambassador for the Wings of Life and Dare to be Different charities, she encourages women and disabled people to get into Motorsports. She has also co-founded the charity Spinal Track, which provides disabled drivers with track and rally driving experiences. As a motivational speaker, Nathalie shares her incredible story to inspire other women and disabled people into Motorsport.

Nathalie is helping to progress Motorsport into an inclusive sport that gives everyone a chance to compete. The bigger picture - Nathalie is showing women and other disabled people, that anything is possible.

Living our purpose from within: Alex

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, there was a worldwide shortage of face masks. The shortage left our technicians in Austin, Texas without sufficient PPE, meaning they could not visit customer sites. While PPE stocks were being replenished, Alex (Branch Project Manager in Austin) came up with an interim solution to the problem. He started using his personal 3D printer to print face masks for his colleagues.

Alex STANLEY Security

Alex’s face masks meant our technicians could continue to go out and support customers without delay, while keeping themselves and our customers safe. His quick thinking and creativeness empowered the team to help our customers to stay safe and progress through the pandemic.

Living our purpose from within: Lukasz

Outside of being a STANLEY Security engineer, Lukasz is also a lifesaving emergency medical technician (EMT) student with St John Ambulance Ireland. While on his EMT course ambulance placement, Lukasz attended a call to a male patient experiencing chest pain. His quick thinking helped the crew to carry out an ECG on the patient, and correctly identify that he was having a heart attack. That quick thinking and correct identification helped to save the patient’s life.

Lukasz STANLEY SecurityStaff Officer Patrick Keogh (SJAI) congratulates Lukasz on receiving his letter of recognition from the National Ambulance Service 

Lukasz’ heroic efforts were rewarded with a letter of recognition from the Chief Ambulance Officer for the National Ambulance Service. The letter is the only one of its kind to ever be given to a St John Ambulance EMT student – which is remarkable achievement.

When he isn’t helping our customers to safeguard their future, Lukasz is using his skills and ability to save lives on the frontlines. He is a hero for our business and his community.

Empowering protectors

Nathalie, Alex and Lukasz are people who think and drive forward. They use their platforms, resources and skills to help people and communities progress – and without people like them, our world cannot thrive. They are backbone of our future and they inspire us… that’s why, we are for those who make the world progress.

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