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Meet Erik Strachan our Project Manager and Engineer

Working with purpose: Project Manager and Engineer, Erik loves the opportunities for networking at Stanley Security.

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Erik Strachans Story

What I love about working for STANLEY Security as a senior engineer in their data center practice

My name is Erik, I’m a project manager in Global Data Centre Practice at STANLEY Security, which is part of Stanley Black and Decker. I’ve been with the company since 2016 and have never looked back. Prior to joining I worked as an engineer for 15 years mainly in the security and telecoms industry. What stands out for me is that although we’re a large corporate, our team has a real family feel about it. We put the customer first and work together to provide quality products and services, which include special advisory on clients’ security needs.

Day-to-day I get to meet a great deal of interesting people and that’s largely because of our ecosystem. I’ve reconnected with blasts from the past! So, the opportunities for networking are endless in this company. My senior management team are very supportive and help me every step of the way when it comes to professional development. From day 1 I’ve been encouraged to pursue my interests at work and have attended classes facilitated by the company.

Innovative, purpose driven, and customer focused

So far, I’ve been fully trained in security systems such as Lenel, Commend and Traka. The training programs have all been designed to equip us with expert product knowledge that we can then pass on to our clients. One of the perks for me in the Global Data Center Practice is that it keeps me on the cutting edge of technology. We’re always innovating and coming up with new solutions for our customers, which requires a high degree of lateral thinking. I remember when we installed facial recognition, bio readers and circle locks – I really enjoyed the challenge of learning about it all and how it works. Our clients are always open to innovation and how they can incorporate new technology into their systems.

One dedicated global team

As I’m part of the global team I help where I can with drawings and procuring parts that may be required, but I have the option of working and remaining in my home country. There’s never a dull moment as all my projects are challenging in some way or another. Ultimately the goal is always to complete the project by the due date.

As a project manager a typical day for me begins before dawn. I have to ensure that all the technicians are on site and don’t have any roadblocks for their assignment. My role also involves liaising closely with our subcontractors to ensure they’re on track to meet due dates. A great deal of time is also spent with the client on site. Like any other engineer I work on programming sheets, drawings, material orders and getting access for all our techs so they can carry out their work seamlessly.

Does a career in our Global Data Centre Practice sound like it’s for you?

 Did you know that by 2022 there’ll be 4.88 billion global internet users? Today, 300 Million Gigabytes of new data is saved every day, and that will double in the next 2 years. All this is driving unprecedented growth in data center capacity.

The Data Center industry is evolving fast, so we are looking for experienced engineers with a minimum of 5 years’ experience who can deliver at pace and understand the bigger picture.

We want the innovators, the makers and the doers on board. In return we can offer continuous professional development in-house. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend training facilitated by some of our most prestigious clients. If you’d like to work internationally in one of the world’s most dynamic industries and be part of Stanley Black & Decker, a $14 billion revenue, purpose-driven industrial organization, we want to hear from you.

Come and join our winning team of data centre experts

We consistently deliver global data center projects on time and to the highest standards. This includes over 2 gigawatt of completed global transactions and 95 greenfield projects. You could be a part of it.

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