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No ‘Fright Night’ For Halloween with STANLEY Security

Halloween, the night when ghosts come to visit… along with hordes of children trick or treating! Either way, it’s a night designed for fear and the inevitable scary movie or two.

Most horror movies are actually pretty silly when you come to think of it though; 2017’s ‘It’ - the biggest grossing horror movie of all time – is based on a supernatural clown preying on children in a small town. Even the more ‘realistic’ scary films often make you wonder why the leading character is going down into that dark cellar or out into the night time woods alone to investigate a noise…

Which got us thinking: how many scary films would have a very different outcome if STANLEY Security’s services had been called upon?   

Here’s our top five scary film faves:

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Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to kill again.  “The keys! The keys!" Jamie Lee Curtis cries as she frantically tries for the door keys that will allow her to escape from her masked attacker loitering menacingly upstairs.  

If only she’d had a smart remote access control system in place she’d would have been able to unlock the door via her phone app and be long gone. In fact, he probably wouldn’t have got into the house in the first place!



A year after the murder of her mother, a teenage girl is terrorized by a killer, who targets her and her friends by using horror films as part of a deadly game.  

But what if she and her friends had signed up to the STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app?   They could have used it to send an alert, which includes audio/video evidence taken from the phone and GPS location, to the STANLEY Monitoring Centre, enabling operators to dispatch the appropriate authorities.  And there’s even a stealth alarm mode so no one need know you have alerted anyone.  Clever stuff.  

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Cape Fear 

Newly released from prison, a convict stalks the family of the lawyer Bowden - who originally defended him but had hid evidence that might have led to his acquittalAfter he kills his dog, Bowden attempts to have him arrested, but there is no evidence of a crime.

If Bowden had the foresight to install smart CCTV,  all video alerts could have been sent directly to his phone via an app.  The evidence would have been at hand right from the start and we’d get a happy ending. 

 You’d think a lawyer would know better.


Graveyard Shift

Based on a Stephen King short story, Graveyard Shift is set in a reopened textile mill where several employees begin meeting mysterious deaths during the night shift.

Now clearly, if they’d had a STANLEY Time & Attendance system in place, that records every type of work pattern & schedule, they would know exactly who’s on site.


Fatal Attraction

A true classic that gave life to the term ‘bunny boiler’.  A married man's one-night stand turns out not to be the single night he’d expected.  Instead, Glenn Close as the spurned woman stalks him and his family with chilling consequences, including a break into the house where the pet bunny meets a grizzly end.  

An intruder alarm system would have alerted the authorities to the break in and catch her in the act.  Not sure it could have saved the bunny though…

As the nights draw in, make sure you don't get tricked - keep your home or business safe with STANLEY Security.

Happy Halloween!


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