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5 common tailgating tactics that can affect SMEs

and how security technology and awareness can help!  With the topic of security becoming increasingly cyber focused, it’s important for SMEs to not forget and underestimate the physical side. One particular form of attack to be aware of is the social engineering technique called ‘tailgating’  (piggybacking). 

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What is a Time and Attendance System?

Time & Attendance system are the modern version of the of the punch card clocking in/out system. Electronic readers enable employees to use either a card/tag, mobile or biometrics such as a fingerprint or the irises of their eyes, to register the arrival, break and leave times.

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Trick or treat!

When it comes to your home security, you don't want to be tricked. If you are out trick-or-treating tonight don't forget to lock all doors & windows and turn on your security system before heading out! Darker nights, unfortunately brings an increase in burglaries. 61% of burglaries take place between 6pm and 6am, with 30% of all residential burglaries happening 6pm to midnight.

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HGV drivers' working hours - is your business compliant?

The transport and logistics industries play a key role in enabling trade and ensuring the success of business operations. However, the chain management process can be very challenging and complex, especially when you are dealing with the compliance, production, shipment, storage and the delivery of goods. Compliance failure is a risk to take and can have a significant impact on your lead times, customer service expectations, delivery capacity and fuel costs.

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