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Why Should Manufacturing & Logistics Companies Outsource Their Commercial Security?

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Learn how businesses are benefitting from outsourced commercial security solutions like remote monitoring and remote security management.

You’ll discover what’s possible for manufacturing & logistics firms and how to choose the best options for your business.

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In this article we’ll cover:

  • Why the right commercial security systems are essential for manufacturing & logistics businesses
  • What do remote monitoring and remote security management mean?
  • How can you maximise the protection you receive with remote monitoring?
  • How can you run your facility more efficiently with remote security management?
  • How much could you save with remote security monitoring?

Why the right commercial security systems are essential for manufacturing & logistics businesses

Commercial security equipment has helped businesses operate safely for decades. It solves complex security challenges that businesses of all sizes have faced, especially problems that standard residential systems could never support – like getting approved by business insurers.

But security experts know the need to evolve technology and services is ongoing, as new challenges in crime and safety continue to rise. In 2019, crime targeting suppliers and warehouses caused 18% of overall retail shrinkage – that’s around £396 million of the £2.2 billion that crime cost retailers in that year (British Retail Consortium).

As most people involved in manufacturing & logistics operations know, choosing the right commercial security systems plays a vital role in preventing loss in your business due to crime and keeping your operations running smoothly by protecting your staff at work. Most sites need a combination of systems to provide adequate cover such as:

The COVID-19 pandemic made protecting workplace safety even harder, as the risk of spreading germs or diseases at work became a big concern. Manufacturing & logistics companies needed to adapt to keep vital supply chains open and operations running as smoothly as possible. Many of them relied on the latest commercial security systems such as thermal cameras to maintain a safe working environment.

Commercial security is an important investment to help keep your business running, so choosing the right components and how you manage them will depend almost entirely on the unique needs of your facility.

Click here to read our article on how manufacturing & logistics firms can protect workplace safety during COVID-19 and as we transfer into the new normal.

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What do remote monitoring and remote security management mean?

Our needs at work have gotten more complex over the past decade - perhaps at an even greater pace since 2020. So too have commercial security systems as a result. For example, HD images now come as standard on most high-quality CCTV systems, facial recognition is now widely used, and you can also utilise thermal imaging cameras, as we have already mentioned.

Perhaps one upgrade we now enjoy the most is much greater connectivity, especially using software that can easily be installed on a laptop or mobile phone or accessed online. This has made solutions such as remote monitoring and remote security management even easier and more affordable than ever before.

But what do remote monitoring and remote security management mean?

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring refers to when your security such as CCTV and intruder alarm systems are monitored 24/7 by a team of security professionals, usually in a specialist monitoring centre at a remote location. This means that if a system is triggered in your facility, your service provider will receive an alert and can take action right away.

We’ll discuss some of the main benefits of remote monitoring to manufacturing & logistics businesses in the next section.

Remote Security Management

Remote security management is like remote monitoring but is a more comprehensive service. You’ll still benefit from 24/7 coverage by a team of security experts based in a remote monitoring centre, but they won’t only respond to triggered alarms.

With remote security management, you can outsource everything related to the day-to-day running of your security systems and even your building. This service may include virtual guard walks around your facility – replacing the need for manned guard walks on site. Remote security agents can also manage your access control to allow authorised people such as delivery drivers into your site.

We’ll look at how businesses are already saving time and money with remote security management later.


How can you maximise the protection you receive with remote monitoring?

Now you know what remote security is, you can already imagine some of the ways it could help you amplify the protection you receive from your commercial security systems. Let’s discuss some examples of how manufacturing & logistics businesses can be made safer with remote monitoring.

Prevention is always our priority in security. The cost of a burglary at your warehouse goes well beyond the loss of any stolen assets. The additional money and time you spend on rectifying the issue can be disruptive to the business and these costs generally aren’t covered by any insurance pay-out either.

High-quality CCTV and intruder alarm systems generally do a good job of preventing unwanted people from entering your facility. As we’ve seen though, many crimes still go on unprevented. Remote monitoring can give your manufacturing or logistics facility greater protection in the event that an intruder isn’t deterred by the site of your systems alone.

As soon as an alarm is triggered, agents in your service provider’s monitoring centre can identify exactly where the intruder is and monitor them on-screen while they alert the police. This can dramatically improve their response time and their chances of catching the culprit red-handed.

It is also a much safer option than having a lone security guard putting themselves in danger by going to investigate the incident on-site.

The same can be said for your fire alarm systems, especially if you have smart fire alarm management installed – this can easily be added to most existing fire alarm systems. In this instance, remote security agents could identify the exact location where the alarm was triggered and pass this information onto the fire services.

Remote monitoring is a fantastic commercial security solution if you’re looking for the added comfort of knowing your site is protected 24/7 by an expert team. It can also be far more cost-effective than hiring manned guards to be on-site all the time.

Here’s a helpful guide to help you understand more about remote monitoring and find out how much it really costs.

In the Security Control Room Officer Monitors Multiple Screens for Suspicious Activities He Reports any Unauthorised Activities in His Walkie Talkie. 2

How can you run your facility more efficiently with remote security management?

The days when commercial security systems simply offered protection are long gone. Nowadays, businesses need to rely on them to help protect the safety of their employees and assets, while also serving other functions. Let’s consider how remote security management can help manufacturing & logistics businesses manage operations more easily and efficiently.

Save space in your facility

Perhaps the most obvious benefits are the space and money you could save by keeping security management off-site. We know that space is often at a premium in the factory, office or warehouse, so allocating a big chunk of it to house monitoring equipment and even a manned guard probably won’t be ideal. With remote security management, everything is monitored off-site so you can use that space for something that positively impacts your bottom line – like more stock!

Save money with remote agents

It is no secret that you could save a great deal of money on hiring manned guards too. Remember, if you need 24-hour protection you’ll need to hire at least three to four guards to work each day. What happens if one of them calls in sick? You’ll need to hire cover for them too.

STANLEY Security’s remote monitoring centres are always manned with a team of agents covering your business. As we previously mentioned, they can even conduct virtual walks around your site to make sure everything is ship-shape – just like a manned guard would but without the risk of being confronted or harmed.

We’ve got a great tool to help you calculate just how much you could save with remote security management, which we’ll share in the next section.

Making things run more smoothly

A remote security agent can also help you run your site’s access control systems. Tasks like maintenance, managing access cards, and implementing and managing door lock schedules can quickly create friction in your workflows and become a nuisance – especially if you’re the one doing them.

You can hand all that responsibility over to your remote security management service provider. So, the next time an employee loses their key-card you won’t have to be the one to search the database, block the old card and issue a new one.

Cut costs on maintenance

High-quality commercial security systems are now smart enough to tell us when there is a problem or when it is time to book in routine maintenance. With remote security management, these alerts can be picked up by an agent who can arrange the maintenance on your behalf, with a better idea of what is wrong and whether one or more callouts are required. This saves you the stress of having to remember and helps reduce unnecessary callouts for engineers, saving you even more money.

Remote security monitoring is ideal for manufacturing & logistics companies that need:

  • Comprehensive security coverage 24/7
  • To maximise cost-efficiency
  • To avoid the hassle of managing their own systems.

It isn’t just your CCTV and intruder alarm systems that can be managed remotely either. Speak to a STANLEY Security expert to find out what other services are available with our STANLEY Remote Guard service, such as access control, elevator telephone management and much more.

How much could you save with remote security monitoring?

It’s a common myth that remote security management services are going to be too expensive or too comprehensive for your business. It can provide invaluable support to most businesses, regardless of your company’s size or the security complexities of your facility.

It’s time to find out how much you could save with remote security monitoring. Try this handy tool to add up how much you currently spend or might spend on hiring manned security guards and calculate your potential savings.

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