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Together For Safer Sports' Resource Pack

STANLEY Together for Safer Sports Resources

To help your school gain the most votes during this Together for Safer Sports’ program we have put together a voting kit guide.

Download Voting Kit Guide Overview



STANLEY Security A4 Poster Style 1 STANLEY Security A4 Poster style 2 STANLEY Security A4 Poster Style 3
A4 Poster Style 1 A4 Poster Style 2 A4 Poster Style 3



Sports Voting handouts

* Poster and fliers have the option to include your school logo.


Download Email header + Download Example Copy 

  1. Open up the Word document and enter your unique sports information in the highlighted sections.
  2. Copy and paste text into email body.
  3. Use provided email jpeg as a header in the email.
  4. Remember to update the email with your sports unique school URL.

Web Banners

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Sports Banner ad 728 x 90 Style 3

300px x 250px

Banner ad 300 x 250 Style 1 Banner ad 300 x 250 Style 2 Banner ad 300 x 250 Style 3

Provide your sports Digital/ Website team with the two banner ads to put up on your sports website. Banner ads should link to your unique school URL.

Social Media Extras

Twitter and Facebook jpegs can be used for social media posts. Make sure to include your unique sports club information in the text portion of the post so that your followers know how to vote for your sports club.
The STANLEY Secure logo is also provided for use in various social media posts.

LinkedIn Web Banner

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Facebook Web Banners

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