Integrated Airport Security

Sophisticated Design and Implementation

At STANLEY Security, we understand the complexity of airport security and surveillance, with the ever-increasing demand for sophisticated design and implementation of cameras to cover multiple mission critical buildings and locations. Our first-class knowledge of the design, installation and maintenance of those solutions, coupled with our rich eco-system of partnerships allows us to support our clients during any stage of their security projects.

Airport security continues to evolve as the challenge of increased security threats, strains on operational budget and the desire to increase efficiencies through new technology integrations arise. The demand to share data with local authorities and other departments is imperative to ensure coherency during critical security challenges.

Integrated Airport Security
Integrated Security Solutions for Airports

Airport integration case study:

London Stansted Airport is an international airport in Essex, approximately 42 miles northeast of Central London. Serving 200 destinations across Europe, Middle East and Africa, it is London’s third-busiest airport and the fourth-busiest in the UK by passenger traffic, serving around 25 million passengers a year.

mag logo v2“STANLEY Security has been invaluable for us, helping to solve our CCTV and security problems, working with our suppliers and bringing us solutions that we are able to implement as we develop our airports.”

         MAG Group UK

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Perimeter and Intruder detection
Open Platform Protocols for Seamless Integration

Perimeter and intruder detection

With intruder detection systems (IDS) including perimeter intruder detection systems (PIDS), ground scanning radar, CCTV, motion sensing, drone detection, virtual tripwires, integrated control panels and the expertise to harmonise existing systems with third-party solutions, we have proven excellence in delivering intruder detection solutions in airports and many other verticals including commercial, multi-site retail, healthcare, financial, education, government and logistics.

Our intruder detection systems will monitor the airport envelope continually to detect any incursions along the airport perimeter line, but also allows the perimeter to be moved and adjusted as the airport develops, incorporating both permanent changes and any temporary works that may affect the perimeter whilst in progress.

Our open protocol platforms offer seamless integration with most physical security information management systems (PSIM) and our national development team deliver multi-site projects, using the latest technology, with wired, wireless or hybrid solutions to ensure you have complete control over your business intruder and access control systems.

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CCTV Video Surveillance and monitoring
Monitoring Safety Critical Areas

CCTV video surveillance and monitoring

STANLEY Security are experts at the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV and IP video surveillance solutions for large and multi-sited organisations. It is our job to work closely with you and keep your business ahead of the game - and more importantly secure.

Arrival and Departure gates are safety critical areas in any airport. With the close proximity of arriving and departing passengers it can be difficult to maintain segregation, and there is always the potential for problems caused when people “lose their way”. STANLEY Security will work with you to design “anti-backtrack” monitoring systems to ensure people are prevented from moving against the expected direction of flow.  CCTV identifies people going in the wrong direction and automatically closes doors, blocking their path. Automated announcements are made to re-direct them and doors are re-opened as they move off. Control room staff can direct security staff to the location if needed.

Our unique approach to integrating systems ensures your business takes care of its most valuable assets, at all times.

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Access Control Systems
Ensure Efficient Access with Control and Validation Points

Access control systems

STANLEY Security's access control experts will help design and implement an enterprise level access control program to meet your specifications.

Airport control and validation points are critical to ensure only approved staff and vehicles can enter pre-defined restricted zones, but with many suppliers trying to service aircraft or terminal locations, you need to be able to get people and equipment in and out quickly and efficiently while still maintaining security around the airfield. You don’t want to delay flights due to cleaning operations being held up for example.

We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art access control systems from door intercoms, card and proximity tokens to biometric recognition and hands-free systems. Our experts will ensure the right mix of access control solutions and CCTV is used to provide the most efficient “routes” for all staff and support operatives, whether you are operating on one site with one location or multiple sites and locations with various levels of security access needed.

Access Control Solutions
System integration
Integration with Existing Systems

System integration

STANLEY Security works with trusted technology partners to provide fully integrated systems that harness the latest and best technology. We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art systems from leading manufacturers, that are ideal for use in airport environments including: STANLEY, Axis Communications, Blighter, Bosch, CEM Systems, Commend, Genetec, Kiwi Security, Milestone and Vingtor Stentofon.

Integration Logos

STANELY Security can use your existing systems, and available data, to produce a fully integrated control system, displaying the data and metrics you need to maintain a secure and free flowing airport.

Our highly skilled professionals are ready to handle every stage of your security project from planning and design, right through to installation and maintenance.

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