Defence Security And Fire Safety Systems

Ministry of Defence (MOD), like many other organisations, is rapidly adapting the way it is doing business so that It can continue to deliver its core outputs while ensuring MoD personnel, staff and customers are safe.

In these uncertain times, its time to start putting systems, procedures, and technology in place that can be adapted to face future threats.


Welcome from Matthew Marriott, STANLEY Security UK Managing Director

Why STANLEY Security ?

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STANLEY Security is a global provider and integrator of commercial electronic security, fire detection and life safety protection systems.

Through our expertise, insight and technology, we deliver solutions that secure our customers’ most valued assets, while providing business intelligence beyond physical security to effectively and efficiently assess risks and opportunities to plan for the future.


How can we support the MoD’s 10 year plan?

STANLEY Security has a range of progressive and cost effective solutions to support the management of Security, Fire Safety and Life Safety systems.

services tailored for defence

Asset Management System for Defence
Track your equipment from beginning to end

Asset Management System for Defence 

An asset management system is a platform that can manage and provide actionable data, so if an asset fails or requires maintenance, the right engineer can be sent to the right location with the correct part every time.

This technology can help to drive building digitisation, which creates significant time savings and with asset performance data that can be analyzed to help reduce procurement costs and improve your bottom line.

How does Asset Management work?

It is a platform that allows Defence to centralise data about any type of
equipment into a visual, web application that displays the location, health and contextual information about every asset.

  • Data Visualisation - see all of your equipment on a digital map to improve asset management services
  • Contextual Data - combine live data feeds from Smart Products and apply the appropriate action
  • Real Time Monitoring - real time data from Smart Products can be combined to trigger alarms and events which Stanley will manage as a service
Work place safety for Defence
Comply with social distancing regulations

Workplace Safety for Defence

By leveraging security technologies, the ability to ensure the health, safety and security of employees and visitors can be substantially improved.

Here are some examples:

Occupancy Management 

Once the maximum occupancy level to comply with social distancing regulations has been reached, access restrictions are implemented.

The connected Smart Monitor shows simple coloured “signs” for a quick orientation to MoD staff and visitors. It enables social distancing to be maintained, and it works in many environments, such as transport hubs and retail.


Touchless Access Control 

Touchless access control delivers a secure entry environment without the need to engage in shared contact or to queue. The technology allows approved staff through without breaking stride.

Authentication methods include Bluetooth, QR codes on ID cards and facial recognition. The connection can be via ID Cards or smartphones.

Thermal Cameras to detect raised temperatures

We offer a range of Thermal Camera solutions to suit your needs, whether for “stop and scan” temperature readings or “walk through” solutions. All are easy-to-install and easy-to-use and can be up and running in minutes, installed in lobbies, hallways and other key access points to help the Defence provide a safer environment for staff, customers and visitors.  


CCTV for defence
Video analytics capability

CCTV for Defence

CCTV – Analogue Cameras

When migrating to an IP system, it is not always necessary to discard CCTV analogue cameras. STANLEY can assist with this migration. Analog cameras that sit on an IP system can generate improvements such as:

  • Improved digital image quality
  • Video analytics capability
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Improved scalability and flexibility. Adding new cameras, or moving cameras, is very straightforward in an IP system

CCTV Analytics Software

This can be used critical infrastructure sites to identify unsafe or suspicious behavior by alerting Command Post operators when an individual or group of disparate individuals form within sensitive zones such as perimeter fencing or near base gatehouses.

Multi-directional Cameras

PTZ cameras require Command Post Operation to be effective. When old PTZ’s need replacing, consider multi-directional cameras in a single housing. These can enable a 360 degree range of view from a single camera pole and can be left to monitor and   record with no live operator involvement.

Access Control for Defence
Unauthorised access

Access Control for Defence

Whether you need Access Control for one location or multiple locations, we will customise an enterprise level program to meet the Defence needs.

Access Control systems can be installed to any physically contained points, such as doors, gates, barriers, fences, turnstiles and even elevators.  They can be simple stand-alone systems with one system controlling one or two doors or they can be networked to cover an entire building, or even multiple buildings across different continents.

Existing Access Control upgrades

Access control systems are regularly under-utilised in ensuring access to sensitive areas.

By connecting the access control system on to an on-site Microsoft Active Directory facility will ensure that when individuals are added or removed from staffing rosters, the instruction is automatically applied to the access system.

Protecting against Tailgating

Tailgating is the unauthorised access into sensitive areas where an illegal second person slips through the access door control after an existing badge holder has gained access.

Our CCTV cameras with Situational Awareness solutions will alert a command post operator when tailgating has occurred and will alert site security within seconds - enabling them to challenge the illegal tailgater.

Fire Safety for Defence
System Integration

Fire Safety for Defence 

STANLEY Security offers a comprehensive range of Fire Safety services to ensure compliance for Defence. We adhere to the latest British standards within the fire industry, working closely with our customers to design, install, maintain and monitor hard wired and wireless Fire Detection, Life Safety and PA/VA solutions.

Fire Safety Accreditations

Our Fire British Standards Institute (BSI), BAFE SP203-1, NSI Gold and ISO 9001 accreditations prove we have been trained and regulated in all areas of fire system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. We also provide 24/7 monitoring for fire systems through our NSI Gold approved monitoring centre located in the UK.

Accurately maintained Asset List

We can implement an asset list that is accurately maintained and justifies the expenditure and facilitates future planned maintenance budgets.

At high-security sites,  you could consider layering cost-effective reporting software to work alongside the installed fire operating system. Such systems supply a vast amount of additional capabilities such as instantaneous system compliance statements, maintenance history and an asset list.

System integration for Defence
Integrated Systems

System Integration for Defence

Our open platform software integrates seamlessly with most security management systems and can easily manage every part of your security and fire system. Integrating multiple systems for centralised command and control allows for improved situational awareness, giving the Defence access from a single touchscreen.

STANLEY Security integrated systems include:

  • Intrusion alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Critical equipment and condition monitoring
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Access control
  • Asset tracking
  • Video surveillance cameras
  • Panic button alarms
  • Elevator controls integrated solutions

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