Security systems for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Security and fire systems for education 

Security systems for schools and educational facilities are like security systems anywhere, designed to ensure that people are safe and protected while they are on site.

As innovators, makers, and leaders of the future, it’s important to have learning environments that empower us to progress.

Watch how we help education providers to create safer, healthier, and more efficient learning experiences...

What security systems do educational establishments need?
That’s a big question and the answer will depend on many different factors, that may include:
  • Location
  • Layout
  • Demographics
  • Establishment type
  • Number of Students/staff on the role
  • Site-specific requirements   

In truth, a security system for ANY establishment, school, business or even a private residence, could have multiple levels of complexity depending on any of the factors listed above.

In the UK the 3 main types of education establishments are:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • University’s

Security and safety systems are required for each type, but the flexibility and complexity of the systems increase along with the size and complexity of type.

Examples of education security solutions are: 

  • Palisade fencing and perimeter detection
  • CCTV cameras - include video analytics and occupancy management
  • Command post /system integration
  • Thermal cameras and mask detection
  • Automated gatehouse and barriers
  • Access - airlocks key staff areas, HQ and admin. Lift control
  • Access - contactless, smartphone, id access. Hierarchical zonal control in critical areas
  • Monitoring - remote guard tours - lone student protection CCTV cameras 
  • Fire and life safety
  • Pava - public address
What are the government guidelines for security systems in the education sector?
There are Various UK government requirements and guidelines for security systems in colleges and schools, some of which can be found here: School and college security and: Site security guidance
How do you provide safe and secure learning?

All schools, colleges and universities want to provide a safe and secure learning environment for staff and students, so security systems operate on the same broad principles:

  • Keeping staff, students and visitors safe
  • Intruder detection - preventing malicious damage to property and equipment
  • Monitoring public areas
  • Providing access control for restricted areas

Other aspects that may be considered security-related:

  • Providing evidence to enforcement agencies
  • Visitor and attendance information
  • Cost management – linked to printers/photocopiers etc

With these broad objectives in mind, we can provide security solutions to schools and educational institutions to help with the above areas.

“No two schools are identical, and the design of the buildings and the layout of the site will differ from school to school. However, many of the issues revolving around security are generic.”

DfE – Site Security Guidance 

Education touchless access control
Safer security for your education facility

Touchless access control systems for Education 

The latest touch-free systems now incorporate facial recognition technology in place of keypads, swipe cards or tags.  They incorporate temperature measurement and even facemask detection, denying entry to those who have an elevated temperature or are not wearing a mask where they are required to do so.  Some are even available with a customer flow-limiting feature and/or can be readily integrated into people counting and visitor management software, providing even wider scope for protection now and in the future, whatever that may hold. 

Post COVID-19, many schools will want to maintain the ability to check the temperatures of students as it's good practice for health and safety.


Temperature and mask screening for Education 

Thermal cameras with mask detection software can identify individuals with elevated temperatures who may be carrying COVID-19 and identify those who may not be wearing a mask. Stop and scan or walk through solutions can be quickly installed in key campus access points to help you provide a safe environment for staff, students or visitors.


Remote monitoring
Meet social distancing guidelines

Building flow management for Education 

Site occupancy management solutions can help maintain a safe volume of people on your campus, in line with government social distancing policies. It can be used to control the one-way flow of traffic in your campus and control the number of people on-site to help meet social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of coronavirus and other germs.


Remote Security Management for Education 

Remote security management can enable your business to be securely monitored through the cloud to provide social distancing and support remote working practices. Your education facility can be monitored 24x7 without the need for on-site security guards or patrols.

Remote monitoring is becoming more and more important and educational establishments are upping the ante with the addition of video verification.  Video Verification is the process of confirming an actual intrusion using video clips and, where available, live video. When police emergency services consider an alarm to be ‘verified’ they treat it as an in-progress intrusion and will dispatch quickly.


Safer learning environments
Together for safer education

Safer learning environments

The pressure to strengthen safety at schools and university campuses continues to increase. From theft to serious personal crimes to vandalism, incidents are on the rise.

We have the security expertise to help you protect your students, employees, visitors and facilities, so you can focus on what’s really important – education.

Here is an overview of our education security portfolio: 

  • Palisade fencing and perimeter detection
  • CCTV cameras - include video analytics and occupancy management
  • Command post /system integration
  • Thermal cameras and mask detection
  • Automated gatehouse and barriers
  • Access - airlocks key staff areas, HQ and admin. Lift control
  • Access - contactless, smartphone, ID
  • Access - hierarchical zonal control In critical areas
  • Monitoring - remote guard tours - lone student protection
  • CCTV cameras and with integrated Sound detection 
  • Fire and life safety
  • PAVA - public address
Safer learning environments
Fire safety

Fire detection and fire alarm systems for schools and educational institutions

From system design to upgrade and maintenance, we can provide a free fire safety site assessment of your school, college or university site.

We can review your current systems and assess the need for upgrades or additional equipment and help with fire assessment where needed.

Current government advice on fire standards for school premises can be found here

Information and guidance for Fire Safety Risk Assessments for educational premises can be found on the Government website here 

The types of fire detection and fire alarm system solutions we offer:

  • Fire Detection & Fire Alarm Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Sprinkler Monitoring
  • Emergency Evacuation & Lighting
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment
  • Fire Doors
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Marshal/Warden Training
multi-site video surveillance systems
Multi-site video surveillance systems

CCTV and video surveillance for schools and educational institutions

While CCTV in schools is a controversial subject for many, more educational establishments now include security cameras as part of their campus safety security package and not just in reception areas.

Government guidelines for CCTV state: “The main areas for coverage of CCTV are entrances, IT suites, offices, locations with little natural surveillance and circulation areas, both inside and out.” DfE – Site Security Guidance – Alarm Systems and CCTV

We will design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet your specific needs, from simple reception area camera solutions for small schools to complex site-wide and multi-site video surveillance systems for large university campuses.

The types of CCTV and video surveillance solutions we offer:

  • CCTV Commercial Solutions
  • Cameras
  • Intelligent Network Video
  • STANLEY Video Cloud
  • Professional Monitoring
  • Thermal Temperature Detection Cameras
Integrated solutions
Integrated solutions

Intruder detection systems for schools and educational institutions

Using the very best wireless and wired intruder alarm technology, we can protect what matters most to you.  Build your ideal system with motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices.

Our skilled installation team will fit a comprehensive, alarm security system that can detect any unauthorised attempt to access your site, protecting property, people, and assets.

The types of intruder detection systems we offer:

  • Intruder detection alarms
  • Intruder sensor systems
  • Audio verified alerts
  • Video verified alerts
  • Integrated solutions
  • Professional monitoring
  • Thermal perimeter detection
  • Intruder alarm system grading
Security entrance systems

Access Control and visitor management for schools and educational institutions

Schools and other educational institutions may require different types of access control depending on the person and the level of access required.

“Good access control is essential to the security of the school during the school day. Procedures should be in place to ensure that, no one is able to access the school buildings unacknowledged ”  DfE – Site Security Guidance – Access Control

How do you restrict who has access?

Educational staff can be issued with cards or tokens that give total access to all areas including:

  • Storerooms
  • Offices and staffrooms
  • Kitchens
  • IT Suite
  • Common rooms

In addition to the installation of your system, we provide multiple options when it comes to managing your door access control system, with software or web-based management applications.

If required, we can also provide complete remote management of your system over a secure, web-based application. We can administer your badging and cardholder database, manage door lock schedules, and provide activity/exception reports as needed.

The types of access control solutions we offer:

  • Controlled access to secure areas
  • Activity reports for review and auditing
  • Photo ID Badging
  • Integration with video surveillance and intrusion protection
  • Software-based and web-based managed applications
  • Compatible with proximity cards, smart cards and biometric technologies
  • Visitor management systems 
No need for a large, upfront capital outlay

Finance options: Stanley Assure

We know that in education budgets are tight and while security is not an area where anyone wants to cut costs, we do need to ensure we are delivering value for money and cost benefits for our customers.

That is why we have developed the STANLEY Assure finance scheme that helps to ensure you can get the security system and solutions you need, without the need for a large, upfront capital outlay.

We can even buy your existing equipment and maintain or upgrade it to ensure you have the system you need and allowing you to plan for asset replacement.



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