Integrated Security Systems for Manufacturers and Logistics businesses

Manufacturing and logistics play an essential role in keeping our world progressing

Securing your manufacturing and logistics company is about more than just safeguarding assets or equipment — it’s about providing your employees with a safe environment to work productively. Keeping facilities safe and employees healthy without causing a delay in delivery schedules requires an integrated, automated approach to both security and logistics.


Reimagining Security in Manufacturing and Logistics

At STANLEY Security, we understand the complexity of the factors that come into play, from site size to expensive machinery, to the shift changes that see dozens or even hundreds of employees moving around your facility. Our security experts will work with you to design and implement an integrated system that not only secures your facility, but also helps keep your employees safe and healthy.



Discover the security challenges faced in Manufacturing and Logistics, and how we can help.
Manufacturing and Logistics

Discover the security challenges faced in Manufacturing and Logistics, and how we can help...

Employee Health 

Limit contact and the spread of germs between employees by ensuring that people stay within the right areas, with Access Control. 

Theft & False Alarms 

Secure your site and the valuable equipment within it, with solutions like Thermal Perimeter Detection, Intruder Alarm Systems, and CCTV & Video Surveillance. You can also safeguard assets such as machinery or equipment with an Asset Tracking system. 

False Alarms 

Reduce the impact of annoying false alarms. An audio or video verified alarm system helps to ensure that police are dispatched for true break-ins, and can help locate where the intruder is on the facility. Learn how here:  Remote Monitoring Packages 

Delivery Management 

Track vehicles and other equipment as they exit and enter your facility with Remote Monitoring  Video Surveillance. You can record who is entering, when they enter and exit and what they have on their truck. 

Quality Assurance 

Streamline the quality assurance process with a CCTV & Remote Monitoring  Video Surveillance system covering your assembly line, enabling you to keep an eye on product at all times, wherever you are. 

Shift Changes 

Screen your employees’ health while avoiding long lines to enter your facility during shift changes with Touchless Temperature Screening and Occupancy Tracking.

Contact Tracing and Visitor Management 

Protect the health of your employees with Contact Tracing, Access Control and other reliable solutions to serve your needs for Workplace safety. If an employee falls ill, you’ll know who they came in contact with and where they went on your site. 

Visitor Management 

Ensure a safe and healthy workflow for visitors to your site. You can enhance communications between visitors and building managers with a Visitor Management System. Also, identify and screen visitors before allowing access to the building. 

On-Site Accidents

Mitigate the risk and liability of an on-site accident by restricting access to certain locations to authorised employees. CCTV & Remote Monitoring Video Surveillance can also provide vital evidence to support any investigation and help you optimiseworkplace safety in your business. 
Manufacturing and Logistics Security
Manufacturing and Logistics

Common questions on security for Manufacturing and Logistics facilities...

What are the most important components of security for a manufacturing facility?

Most physical security plans for manufacturing and logistics facilities will include Access control, CCTV & Video Surveillance, Intruder Alarm Systems, and Fire Protection.  

It is important to design security systems based on the specific needs of your facility. You’ll need to plan for Workplace safety during production hours, protecting your site when it is empty, and keeping compliant with specific rules for your industry. 

How do you plan security for a manufacturing site?

It’s best to work with security experts who can guide you through the process of choosing and implementing the right security systems for your site. After all, you’ll need a solution that is provides tangible benefits to your business and doesn’t impede your production.

How can we make it easier to manage multiple security systems?


Most businesses need several components to secure their business and protect workplace safety – like CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarm Systems, and Fire Protection. We know how complicated and time-consuming it can be to manage them all.

With an Integrated Security System, you can control everything in one place, on-site or remotely.

Is Remote Security Management suitable for my business?

Remote security monitoring systems use the latest technology to minimise risk and provide maximum security. Video analysis software can now be added to CCTV cameras to provide the core element of remote security monitoring.

Footage from the cameras is transferred securely through the cloud to remote monitoring stations. Any unusual activity detected by the CCTV cameras will alert the operators in the monitoring station. 

Learn more here: Remote Security Management 


Manufacturing and Logistics Workplace Safety

Helping manufacturers and logistics companies navigate the impact of COVID-19

The global pandemic has significantly impacted the manufacturing and logistics industry — adding increased stress on the supply chain, introducing capacity and occupancy challenges, and requiring new employee and product safety protocols. 

Foster a safer and healthier workplace with an ecosystem built by a leading global security integrator. The STANLEY Security UNA ecosystem integrates your security, health, and safety solutions into one customizable experience, so you can protect your people simply and seamlessly.

Our experts at STANLEY Security are working, learning and collaborating to deliver new solutions against these new risks. Whether it’s integrating touchless temperature screening and occupancy tracking into your existing system or building an entirely new one, we’ll be there to help you navigate these new challenges.

Speak with one of our experts today to learn more.


Overwhelmed about managing multiple security systems?

We provide fully flexible and functional solutions for controlling all your security in one simple platform, whether you are responsible for one building or multiple buildings on a campus or multiple sites.

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