Security Solutions for Pharmacies

Get awareness like never before with security solutions tailored to pharmacies

Like any local store, dispensing pharmacists are also victims of all kinds of threats, insults, burglaries, vandalism, physical assaults and armed robberies.

The British Retail Consortium 2020 Annual Retail Crime Survey highlights the dramatic impact of theft, violence and abuse against retail employees. 

  • facts Recovered424 incidents of violence or abuse each day, up 9%
  • Spending on crime prevention increases to £1.2 billion 
  • In total, there were 17% more incidents of theft and damage this year

Source: British Retail Consortium Retail Crime Survey 2020

How can I secure my pharmacy?

STANLEY Security Smarter Pharmacy security combines intelligent intruder detection, video surveillance (CCTV) and business intelligence into a single, cost-effective solution.

Get peace of mind knowing that your premises are being protected, and your pharmacy or chemist is running smoothly – no matter where you are.

Smarter tailor-made security packages for Pharmacies

Take a look at our security packages below and choose the one that best meets your needs:


Intruder Detection for Pharmacies

Intruder Detection for Pharmacies

package 1 priceProtect your pharmacy from intrusions with our smarter intruder detection system package

Intruder alarm systems make intruders think twice. They are a deterrent, but also provide a warning that an intrusion is taking place either to you or through a professional monitoring centre.

With STANLEY Security Smarter Intruder Detection you can:

  • Intruder Detection - be notified as soon as there is an intrusion attempt
  • Alert Authorities - ensuring priority police response to emergencies
  • Deter intruders - the interior of your pharmacy will be protected by motion detectors 
  • Remote access to your system - remotely manage the intruder detection system

Features and benefits

  • Wireless technology - maintain business aesthetics
  • Integrated GSM backup - secure transmission even in the event of a line cut
  • Panic Button - respond quickly and discreetly
  • Siren Deterrent - warn off Intruders
  • Mobile Application APP - easily manage your security on the go 
  • Protect employees and customers
Video surveillance (CCTV) for Pharmacies
Package 2

Video surveillance (CCTV) for Pharmacies

package 2 priceWatch in real-time what is happening in your pharmacy with our smarter remote video surveillance system package.

With STANLEY Security Smarter Video surveillance you can:

  • View your store sensitive areas
  • Identify high-risk situations
  • Save and store the data
  • Remote access to your system

Features and benefits

  • IP Technology - guarantee the scalability and future of the system
  • HD image - presented with a quality image
  • IR Vision - night time image quality
  • Up to 30 days of storage - keep track of events
  • Up to 8 cameras (expandable to 16) - plan the evolution of the installation
  • Mobile Application - easily manage your security
Total Security for Pharmacies
Package 3

Smarter Total Security for Pharmacies

The same great comprehensive security package as the smarter intruder detection system and Video surveillance (above) but with added business management analytics tools.

package 3 priceWith STANLEY Security Smarter Total Security you can:

  • Remove any doubt
  • Manage situations sensitive to you
  • Managing the whole of your system on a smartphone
  • Remote access

Features and benefits

  • All the advantages of intruder detection and video surveillance
  • Hybrid technology: wireless and wired - maintain aesthetics and guarantee efficiency
  • Video history of alarms - keep track of events
  • Advanced management tool - easily manage your security
  • STANLEY Security application - interconnect and manage your Stanley security solutions

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