PAC access control 

PAC provides access control solutions into commercial, educational and residential environments. From small scale access control to fully integrated security solutions that enable exceptional reliability and functionality,

PAC access control systems have been serving residential and commercial markets for over 40 years. 

The PAC product portfolio has now been redesigned to provide an even higher level of security with pioneering features, improved energy efficiency and greater scalability, all at a highly competitive price point.

New PAC 512 access controllers

Available in stand alone, analogue networkable and IP networkable models, the new controllers are scalable from 1-2000 doors and support up to 75,000 unique identification devices via Access Central – PAC’s new management software.  The Controllers come with two inputs and two outputs, and a host of new functions including event to action (where inputs and outputs can be configured and used to deliver rules based responses to an event), local anti-passback, muster reports for fire evacuation, lift call and alarm point control; all without the need for ancillary equipment, providing significant cost savings, reduced power usage and a smaller installation footprint. 

The infographic below illustrates the access control process flow:

PAC infographic

The infographic below illustrates the door entry process flow:

PAC System

Energy efficiency power supply unit

energy efficientEnergy efficiency has also been incorporated into other aspects of the PAC range, most notably in the new PS50 power supply unit. With 80% efficiency at most loads, it uses considerably less power than previous power supply units. The PS50 has been certified to California Energy Commission (CEC) Level 6, meaning that the high energy efficiency facilitates operational savings.

Access Central

Access Central is the latest generation management software, replacing the former NT500 solution. Highly versatile, Access Central can be adapted to suit every access control installation, whether a single site or a global organisation.  There are two licensing options for Access Central: the free SE level aimed at small organisations and the Professional level.  Feature packs are also available to extend the options available to customers, where required, in a cost efficient manner.

PAC frontcoverAccess Central supports Active Directory integration, which vastly reduces set-up and in-life management of keyholders when connected to an Active Directory feed.  So, for example, users can take a feed from an HR database/directory and Access Central will automatically remove access rights when a person is removed from their data.  That person will no longer be able to access a site(s), even if they retain their fob/card.

The PAC portfolio will be supported by a customer training programme, a dedicated customer services and technical support facility, as well as a new five-year warranty for all hardware.


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