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Manage your site occupancy limit in real-time

In today’s new normal, businesses need to find new ways to protect their customers, visitors and staff and comply with current government building guidelines to limit the spread of the COVID-19. For a lot of businesses, this will mean monitoring the people movement inside public buildings.

People counting software  

Our access control new site occupancy management solution makes it possible to keep track of how many people are in a room, on a floor or in a building at any given time. The solution works using camera technology, where advanced analytics software uses the video material to detect the entry and exit of people. Once the maximum level of people footfall  gathered together has been reached, access restrictions can be implemented. The connected Smart Monitor shows the total number, if any, of the amount of estimated latency and uses simple coloured "signs" for a quick orientation to visitors.

Site occupancy management video 

What are the benefits of the real-time people counting systems?

  • Collect real-time occupancy information from your business premises
  • Accurate, automated and affordable to comply with government requirements
  • Fast & easy installation by our technicians
  • Scalable solution for multiple and seperate access and exit points 
  • Enables social distancing
  • Perfect for lobbies, doorways and other key access points
  • Includes complete solution: Time of Flight camera, hardware, software and displays
  • Easily set a customizable count and adjust as needed

shopping centre people management

How does site occupancy management work?

Diagram site occupancyCounting from one to multiple doors or entrances, the standalone solution and can operate on one entry, counting both the entrance and exit via the same door/porch, or expanding to cover multiple entries simultaneously.

Server with analytics software is set up and then connected to one or more of our analytics sensors. The sensors consist of 3D cameras, which together with our advanced software, ensure the counting of people at both entry and exit.

The person count is displayed on the corresponding Smart Monitor, which can be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

The easy-to-use settings management makes it easy to use your system daily.


Real-time occupancy smart monitors

people management green

Live counting of the number of incoming visitors, with clear signage view of the number of current people and the personal limit.

people management red

Exceeded the personal limit, visitors are alerted via the stop sign and expected waiting time can be displayed.

stereoscopic camera 5 x 7 0

How can site occupancy management improve business safety and security?

Our site occupancy management solutions can help businesses to re-open safely and operate under the new government Coronavirus (COVID-19) by:

  • Enforcing occupancy limits: The analytics computer can communicate with an automatic door locking system when your store reaches its maximum occupancy limit. This can keep new customers from entering too early and endangering your employees and other visitors.
  • Social distancing reminder: Each display monitor reminds customers to maintain proper social distance while outside and inside the store. The non-contact counting eliminates contact between personnel and customers on-site.
  • Maintaining privacy: This GDPR-compliant system can operate without accessing the internet, allowing for greater privacy.
  • Affordable: Priced significantly lower than other occupancy management solutions
  • Fast, automated screening: In seconds, the system automatically detects a person to measure body count at that given location so you can manage how many people can be in an area
  • Easy to install and easy to use: Start counting and managing access to persons once set up by our security technicians.








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