Does your business site comply with fire safety regulations?

Whether you need new installation, upgrade of an existing system or migration from an existing provider, STANLEY Security can offer a free site assessment.

What does your free site assessment include?

  • Attendance to site to assess your business fire safety requirements 
  • Free site design if you require a new installation 
  • Advice on costs if you wish to upgrade or migrate systems
  • A full detailed quotation.

Tips before we visit your business:

It would be handy to have any site drawings or list of assets available for us to look at before we attend site.

Don't worry if you don't have these available, we will create a site drawing as part of our quotation.

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Fire detection & smoke alarm systems
Advanced fire alarm systems

Fire detection & smoke alarm systems

Reliable and effective fire detection and alarm systems are essential for all businesses to protect employees and visitors in your facility and can minimise the risks to your business.

STANLEY Security's advanced fire alarm systems use cutting-edge technology from leading manufacturers - including Gent and Advanced and EMS



The process we follow for fire detection and alarm systems includes:

  • Site survey
  • System design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Monitoring 
  • Ongoing service maintenance


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Designing your fire alarm system
Fully BAFE compliant

Designing your fire alarm system

It is crucial to design and implement fire alarms and smoke detectors to manage risk and protect the lives of your employees. STANLEY Security offer a full design and implementation service which is fully BAFE compliant and installed by our skilled engineers.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your smoke alarms are best placed to reduce risk to life and are an integral part of your fire risk assessment planning.

STANLEY Security's Fire alarms/Smoke alarms provide:

  • Building & fire regulatory compliance
  • Fire monitoring and dispatch
  • Early detection systems and advanced point ID technology
  • Intelligent initiating and indicating devices
  • Recall and shutdown interfaces
  • Standalone or integrated panels test and inspection services
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Advanced diagnostics & occupant notification
  • STANLEY Security’s automatic fire alarms are scalable life safety systems that provide early warning of smoke and fire detection 
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Fire Suppression Systems
Designed to control and neutralise fires

Fire suppression systems

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure and fire suppression systems are very much in this vein, preventing the spread of fire rather than leaving you to deal with the consequences of a large fire. 

Fire suppression systems can refer to any number of automatic systems designed to control and neutralise fires without the need for human intervention. Rather than ‘putting the fire out’, as you would get with a sprinkler system (which can cause extensive damage in itself), most suppression systems are designed to starve the fire of oxygen; without oxygen, the fire cannot take hold. 

Designing and installing a fire suppression system is a skilled job that must be undertaken by an approved and qualified company.  It might also be the case that if a fire suppression system is installed without the certified contractor, it might invalidate your insurance.

Where can fire suppression systems be used? 

  • Power generation wind turbines, mobile electrical generators
  • Kitchen environments restaurants, hotels, canteens
  • Industrial equipment forklifts, engine protection for machinery, industrial processing equipment
  • Electrical enclosures electrical distribution cabinets, process control cabinets, communication racks
  • Material storage fume cupboards, chemical stores, flammable material stores
  • CNC machines, robotic welding machines, injection moulding machines, machining centres
  • Transport trains, boats, buses – engine compartments
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Fire Sprinkler Monitoring
Early notifications to minimise water damage

Fire sprinkler monitoring

Combining both mechanical and electrical expertise sprinkler systems provide an additional degree of protection for both life and property above smoke and/or other fire detection systems. 

A correctly designed and installed sprinkler system can detect and control a fire at an early stage of development and activate an alarm. Correct operation of the system will rapidly reduce the production rate of heat and smoke allowing more time for personnel evacuation.

STANLEY Security provides:

  • Fire code compliant monitoring services
  • Fire sprinkler water flow and valve monitoring
  • Fire monitoring with dispatch
  • Early notification to minimise water damage
  • Standalone or integrated panels
  • Test and inspection services for the alarm devices connected to your fire suppression system
  • Maintenance and repair services for the alarm devices connected to your fire sprinkler system
  • STANLEY Security has the expertise to design, install and maintain a cost-effective fire sprinkler monitoring solution that meets your code requirements and needs
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Emergency Evacuation & Lighting
Advanced emergency lighting systems

Emergency evacuation & lighting

Emergency lighting is a crucial component of the safety system of any building. STANLEY Security specialises in emergency lighting design and implementation, working with only the most advanced emergency lighting systems, with discreet and stylish flush fittings and sleek and touchscreen controls.

What are some of the different types of emergency lighting available? 

There are of course many different kinds of emergency lighting for the many different kinds of situation. Let's have a look at some of the most popular:

  • Temporary lighting (see also standby lighting) - there are many different types of location that require that, even in a state of emergency when often, typically, there is no power, normal activity may be continued. Locations such as hospitals, fire stations or prisons. 
  • Exit signage - Imagine an office or corridor or some other room that you regularly use filling with smoke or plunged into darkness for some reason and you must leave the building to survive. It's not a pleasant thing to consider - although considering it and planning for it may mean that the worst will never be allowed to happen. What you need to ensure is that in the event of something like this taking place, you have working emergency exit signs and/or illuminated pathways that will help guide you and your workmates or your family to safety.
  • Thermoplastic emergency lighting - Thermoplastic exit signs are typically situated above a building's nearest exits. Easily recognisable because of their red or green lettering, there are various kinds of thermoplastic signs to choose from. They include: Thermoplastic, Photoluminescent, Self-Luminous 
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Fire Risk Assessment
Safety precautions

Fire risk assessment

When it comes to safeguarding your business, fire risk assessment is crucial. While any appointed Responsible Person (RP) can undertake review and inspection, it pays to invest in a third-party to provide insights and suggestions on how to bolster your safety precautions and ensure you're operating well within regulation.

Here at STANLEY Security, we're experts in fire risk assessment. We'll provide thorough inspection and assessment to ensure you're operating completely within regulation, with instantaneous feedback and guidance to help you get back on track if you fall foul of requirement. What's more, our team utilise the latest technology to perform al assessments, with instant uploads of our findings so you can access your records in real time.

This way, you'll be able to start working on any actions required immediately, helping you stay compliant and exceeding the minimum FSO requirement.  We'll provide a thorough list of actions required and steps to take, with an in-depth checklist of things to consider in the future should you decide to handle subsequent assessment yourself.

Fire risk assessment prices 

  • 3000m2 up to 5 floors - £975.00
  • 1000m2 no more than 3 floors - £850.00
  • 500m2 single storey - £350.00
  • Bespoke for any larger premises.
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Fire Doors
Fire Door Standards BS476 and BS8214

Fire doors

Are you fire doors fit for purpose?

Whether you are looking to buy, install or maintain fire doors for your business, STANLEY Security has got your covered.

Did you know that, according to the BS999 fire safety code of practice, you should inspect and maintain your fire doors every six months?

There are two national Fire Door Standards BS476 and BS8214 - do your doors conform to these?

Fire doors are required to provide two main functions:

  • To maintain any compartmentation of buildings, which has been introduced to limit the size and spread of fire to control the perceived risk.
  • To allow access to protected escape routes, both vertically and horizontally, without any loss of fire resistance, and limit smoke movement in the structure forming these routes, i.e. protected corridors and protected shafts.

Fire door inspection prices 

Number of Doors - per siteBandingCost per Site
1 to 6 Small £48.00
7 to 12 Medium £93.00
13-39 Large £150.00
Any Additional doors after 39   £10 per door

If you are interested in buying and installing new fire doors or you would like an inspection and assessment of your current fire doors, please contact us

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Fire Extinguishers
Control small outbreaks of fire quickly

Fire extinguishers

Even if your premises are kitted out with the latest in fire warning and suppressant systems, fire extinguishers are an essential asset when it comes to proofing your building against a fire emergency.

They can help control small outbreaks of fire quickly, preventing flames from spreading and causing more damage. In more severe emergencies, fire extinguishers can save lives, helping keep an evacuation route clear and providing crucial access to escape points.

Fire Extinguisher prices

Water 9L


Water Additive 6L


Foam AFFF 2L


Foam AFFF 6L


Foam AFFF 9L


Carbon Dioxide 2KG


Carbon Dioxide 5KG


Wet Chemical F Class












Need help understanding your fire extinguisher needs for your business? Whether you're buying or looking to service your fire extinguishers

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Fire Marshal training
Responsible for fire safety within a company

Fire Marshal/Warden training 

What is a Fire Marshal/Warden?

It is a person responsible for fire safety within a company. The Fire Marshal/warden has to undertake professional training with regards to what precautions need to be taken, how to maintain fire extinguishers, manage fire evacuation plans  i.e. with fire exists, fire lights and fire alarms.

Who is the course suitable for:

  • Those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety
  • Designated fire marshals/wardens
  • Who needs to know how to use a fire extinguisher.

Course content 

  • The course covers how fires are caused,
  • The risks associated with fire
  • Principles of fire safety management at work
  • Understanding the role of a fire Marchal/Warden
  • Evacuation plan
  • Precautionary responsibilities and active fire systems user maintenance. 
  • Video demonstration of fire extinguisher use or, if chosen practical fire extinguisher use on live gas simulator fire. 
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