Healthcare communications

STANLEY Security has an excellent pedigree working with hospitals, nursing homes, residential care and the mental health sector. Delivering on-site communication and security products for improved patient care and enhanced staff protection.

Staff, patients, service users and visitors require effective protection. This includes access to restricted areas, controlled substances and costly equipment needs to be controlled efficiently.

Staff pagerIntegrating facility security systems and devices with healthcare safety and security systems creates an unprecedented level of visibility, awareness and interoperability to the functions of alarm monitoring, detection, notification and response.

Our holistic approach to security within the healthcare environment provides comprehensive tools to improve the protection of patients, residents, staff, visitors, and physical assets.

One-way speech pager with data messaging
One-way speech pager with data messaging

Smart communications systems (Pager)

Most commonly used for Emergency teams such as cardiac, trauma, major incident etc. Speech paging calls are initiated from ANY of the operator's consoles to any individual or group of pagers.

There is no limit to the number of groups on a paging system and no limit to the number of users in any one group. Any pager can be in up to 10 groups which would include all the emergency Paediatrics, Surgical groups and Trauma etc.

If third party integration is used, messages from the fire alarm or nurse call system call also be displayed.


Enhancing communications 

  • Send group voice messages
  • Messages sent from the telephone system
  • Introducing call confirmation responses back to switchboard
  • Full visibility that message alerts have been received and responded to
  • Pager Smartphone functionality
  • Individual logins for assignment to clinical groups
  • Pager messaging App
  • Contact colleagues by TEXT or CHAT
  • Enhanced call logging facilities
  • Introduce gradual migration of speech & non-speech pagers to 2-way VoIP smart device
  • Utilising the hospital's Wi-Fi and global mobile data networks
  • Free up valuable clinical staff time to focus on patient care rather than responding to paging alerts


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Staff Protection

Staff Protection

Provide your staff with the most reliable staff attack device

Staff and nurses require the most reliable, single staff attack solution to complete their jobs effectively.

Our personal safety alarm provides motion sensing and a vibration feature that can be utilised for a man-down scenario by vibrating if no movement is sensed for a predetermined period of time. If the wearer does not respond to this vibration an automatic ‘man down’ alarm can be generated.

In the event of a lone worker incident alarm information such as user ID and alarm location can be received at your security office/ monitoring location either provided by yourselves or by STANLEY Security monitoring centre.

Location Tracking

Our STANLEY Guard personal security app assists in protecting vulnerable people such as lone workers or any individual who may be at risk at work.

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Wireless Nurse Call Solutions

Wireless nurse call solutions

Our Wireless Nurse Call Systems helps to prevent trips and falls in all care home and hospital environments by wirelessly connecting commonly used hardwired assistive technology to the Nurse Call System without any hazardous cables or wires.

Typically nurse call installations will incorporate chair and bed pads, floor mats, infrared (IR) sensors, and fall monitors, all individually cabled to associated bed or room units. Now with Wireless Nurse Call any of these nurse call accessories, switches, triggers and many other wired devices can simply and safely connect via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for unsafe trailing cables and wires.

The benefits include:

  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, to allow connectivity and integration with a wide range of devices.
  • The multiple on-board sensors mean your Nurse Call System will allow you to monitor resident and staff activity throughout your care home, enhancing your ability to provide the safest possible environment for those you care for.
  • The system uses the dedicated European 869.2MHz social alarms frequency to reduce interference. The ‘listen before talk’ anti-collision technology and acknowledgement of calls ensures calls are received reliably.
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