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Managed Services eAccountManager

Managed Services

At the heart of STANLEY Security’s Managed Services is eAccountManager, a real-time, online portal detailing the status, history and documentation on installations, service repairs, billing and overall account management. To manage this data, eDataManager enables instant viewing of real-time information on alarm incidents and alarm tests, as well as enabling you to request service calls online and manage your access and contact list with real-time editing.

Information on monitored access control, CCTV and audio alarm verification system installations are accessible using STANLEY's eAccessManager, eVideoManager and eAudioManager respectively.

You’ll also have access to each of these tools through a single sign-on integration with our eServices Dashboard.

STANLEY eAccountManager Overview

“STANLEY’s eAccountManager gives me real-time information for my account.”

eAccountManager is provided at no charge to new STANLEY customers. eAccountManager gives you real-time access control and status of your STANLEY installations, service repairs, invoicing and account management. You can even view and print copies of your invoices.

With eAccountManager, you know the status of your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays! You don’t have to call or wait for anyone — everything you need is at your fingertips!


With eAccountManager you know the up-to-the-minute status and details of your installations. You’ll see at a glance if an installation is pending or completed, system description, your requested start date, job status, completion date, and much more.

Service Repair

With eAccountManager, you’ll see all service requests on a single screen. You’ll see at a glance if a service repair is pending or completed, request date, scheduled repair date, date of completion, resolution description, service repair history, and much more. All data is updated as the service repairs progress.


With eAccountManager you can see the current and detailed status of your invoices at anytime, from anywhere. You can even view and print your invoice. For each invoice, you can view the invoice date, invoice number, invoice balance, invoice type, and much more.

STANLEY eAccessManager Overview

“STANLEY’s eAccountManager gives me real-time information for my account”.

eAccessManager is a centrally managed access control service that puts STANLEY in charge of all of the tasks of managing your access control system. eAccessManager gives you real-time access control and status of your STANLEY installations, service repairs, billing and account management. You can even view and print copies of your invoices.

Running your business is a full-time job. STANLEY can help by managing your access control system for a single location or all of your locations. STANLEY’s eAccessManager gives you all the benefits of an access control enterprise without the requirement of managing the system. You don’t even need to pick-up the telephone; eAccessManager operates on our secure, easy-to-use and proven eServices web portal.

To view a video about eAccessManager, click here.

With STANLEY eAccessManager, you

  • Eliminate loading and managing access control software onto your computer
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated computer to access information
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated administrator to manage your access control system
  • Access real-time information about your access system via the STANLEY eServices web portal
  • Have more time for your business and customers

With STANLEY eAccessManager, STANLEY

  • Manages your door lock and holiday schedules
  • Administers your card database
  • Issues your cards/photo ID badges
  • Provides online activity reports
  • Provides proactive exception reports
  • Integrates your alarm system database with your access control database for improved security and efficiency

STANLEY eAudioManager Overview

Online Audio Data

A premium online service that gives you access to your Sonitrol Audio Intrusion activity information including access control activity anytime, anywhere, including online reports. mySonitrol a web-based security management tool that is innovative, reliable, and easy to manage. With just a few clicks, you will be able to find all of the information you need in one place, via a secure web browser. Receive news and customer information, and view account information such as systems and user status, assign authentication levels, run activity reports, view alarm dispatches, and more!

mySonitrol Standard

With mySonitrol Standard, you receive:

News and Customer Communications

  • Product information
  • Latest news

Account Information

  • View systems and user status
  • Assign user authorisation levels
  • Run activity reports
  • View and edit contact information

Alarm Activity Data

  • View alarm responses
  • Schedule automatic activity reports or run as needed

mySonitrol Pro

With mySonitrol Pro you receive all the functionality of mySonitrol Standard, plus

Access Control Management Information

  • Schedule door lock/ unlock times
  • Access search reports
  • Manage access level configuration
  • Schedule user access times

Alarm Acitivty Data

  • Generate exception reports

STANLEY eVideoManager Overview

“STANLEY’s eVideoManager puts the power of video surveillance to work for my business.”

STANLEY’s online tools provide real-time information and video to support business decisions that enhance safety, increase security and improve business operations. Remote view software allows STANLEY ProtectionNet™ monitoring specialists to see and document what is happening within your protected location.

STANLEY eVideoManager Services

You also can see your STANLEY activity reports online with the associated video clips. eVideoManager services include:

  • eVideo Alarm Verification
    With eVideo Alarm Verification, our ProtectionNet Customer Service Centre automatically receives a video clip whenever an alarm signal is generated, significantly enhancing the conventional alarm-monitoring process.
  • eVideo Guard Tour
    STANLEY eVideo Guard Tour can replace or augment traditional guard tour services. Following your schedule, our STANLEY ProtectionNet specialists’ look-in on your premises to ensure employee safety, normal business operations and no unauthorised access.
  • eVideo Open and Close Services
    With Open and Close Recording, Stanley records, documents, and archives videos of employees arming and disarming the alarm system. With Open/Close Supervision, Stanley ProtectionNet specialists view video of employees arming and disarming the alarm system.
  • eVideo Escort
    Concerned about the safety of your employees as they walk to and from their cars or complete high-risk work operations? Upon notification from the customer, our Stanley ProtectionNet Customer Service Centre will visually monitor an employee to ensure their safety.
  • eVideo Audit
    With eVideo Audit, STANLEY views your cameras for real-time confirmation that your personnel are adhering to your established business expectations and policies. Stanley provides you with real-time online video audit reports and immediate notification, when required. With eVideo Audit, you have knowledge and assurance that your company policies are followed, your facility is secure and business operations are maintained.
  • eVideo Live
    STANLEY’s eVideo Live gives you the convenience and security to access your local CCTV system through the Stanley web portal. See your cameras live or view and retrieve stored images from your DVR anytime, anywhere and all online, real-time.

STANLEY eVideoManager Videos

To view a video about eVideo Alarm Verification, eVideo Guard Tour, eVideo Open/Close Services, and eVideo Escort, click here. To view a video about eVideo Audit, click here. To view a video about eVideo Live, click here.

With STANLEY eVideoManager, customers receive

  • Real-time, live support services
  • A partner to reduce false alarm costs and increase safety, security and productivity
  • A means to deter criminal activity, reduce shrinkage, document events for evidence and provide critical information to responding agencies

STANLEY eAttendanceManager Overview

STANLEY’s eAttendanceManager uses the most advanced and up to date secure web technology which allows effective real time communication between employees and HR, wherever they have access to the internet. With no software needed and a flexible, easy to use system, employees can clock in anywhere online! STANLEY’s eAttendanceManager is tailored to your individual needs and your company structure. Using the employee self service application, employees are able to make requests for absences, vacations, and change any bookings, all via the web. Management can then quickly and efficiently pass approval for the request and inform the requester at the click of a button. This gives empowerment to your employees and frees up time for managers, giving them more time to concentrate on core activities, and increasing overall productivity.

Why STANLEY eAttendanceManager?

  • Easy to set-up, flexible and simple to use–staff can clock in using a terminal, access card or anywhere online!
  • No software needed, just a computer with an internet connection
  • Just click to change workforce resources and track all shift patterns
  • Save time and money – instantly see where you can make real efficiency savings
  • Approve and track all vacation requests and absences
  • Instant access to all your people information, recorded and stored in one place online, anytime
  • Less time spent creating reports and managing software
  • 24/7 Compliance to avoid disputes
  • No paper files to create and store
  • Two-way contact with your staff
  • What Are Our Customers Saying?

STANLEY eAttendanceManager Case Study

What our customers are saying

A packaging company has reduced absenteeism and cut their information technologies spend in just 6 months.

“STANLEY’s eAttendanceManager solution has provided us with a solid HR data platform, speeding up our payroll process by cutting our paperwork in half. At the same time the system has cut our IT spend, giving us additional unexpected savings. Now we can monitor human resources and absenteeism in real-time and plan production more effectively without waste. The STANLEY system truly has delivered on every level of the business, giving us real value for our money! We’ve cut our overhead and increased production.”

The average cost of employee absence is £609 per employee, per year.

Source: CIPD Absence Management Report 2014

A local municipality cuts employee turnover and improves business performance.

“The implementation of the STANLEY eAttendanceManager solution has delivered a number of benefits, saving us time, money and staff. The system enables our employees to take control of their own time management, leading to improved staff motivation, satisfaction and, ultimately, retention. Our business has also benefited over the last 12 months from consistent, accurate data and simplified processes, helping us reduce overhead which meant the cost of the system was covered within just one year.”

Absence can account for between 20 and 40 percent of net lost productivity per day. 

Source: CIPD Absence Management 2013

A local manufacturing company has reduced absenteeism by 50%.

“Using a manual, card-based time and attendance system, we found it difficult to manage the 24 hour production cycle and getting any sort of useful up-to-date data was impossible. We needed to reduce our admin costs and implement a new system. STANLEY’s system gives us total flexibility and we are now able to plan and change shift patterns at a click. The biggest surprise of all was the effective drop in absenteeism of just over 50%!”

On average of 7.4 days per employee are lost per employee per year on absenteeism. Source: CIPD Absence Management Report 2014

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