CCTV/Video monitoring

Business security monitoring 

How we can help your business stay secure during COVID-19?

We believe security is of utmost importance, and even the slightest of threats needs to be dealt with quickly - to keep people, premises and valuables safe and secure. This can be difficult for businesses to manage, which is why we offer a range of remote, 24/7 (in- and out-of-hours) solutions, so they have the peace of mind required to focus and prosper.

Our Monitoring Centre is a division within STANLEY Security, a Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited. We monitor CCTV systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms, personal attack, lone worker alarms and access control building management systems as well as providing asset tracking services and outsourced call handing, tasking and help desk functions. Specialist telecare solutions are available including mobile based assistance and lifestyle monitoring.

Remote Security Management allows our monitoring professionals to confirm an intrusion attempt is taking place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and leading to faster police response.

A smarter and safer way to secure your business

STANLEY Security Remote Security Management

STANLEY Security want to empower the protectors of their businesses, to enable them to continue safeguarding those premises remotely with absolute confidence that at least their assets are safe.

Remote Security Management allows our monitoring professionals to confirm an intrusion attempt is taking place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms and leading to faster police response.

With STANLEY Security Remote Management, you get:

  • Both indoor and outdoor areas secured remotely
  • Early detection, alarms are sent even before the intruder arrives at the secured area
  • Increased security level compared to traditional monitoring services
  • The camera with intelligent video analysis is ALWAYS AVAILABLE 24/7
  • Alarm operator is only involved when making a decision - minimizes the risk of human error
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Intruder alarm monitoring
24/7 intruder alarm monitoring service

Intruder alarm monitoring

An intruder triggers your alarm, what happens next?
Intruder alarms are great for deterring unwelcome guests from trying to access unauthorised areas. In the event an intrusion is attempted, the alarm activates and starts to ring. But what happens after that? Wouldn’t it be ideal if you were notified of the intrusion? Or perhaps if the police were immediately called to the scene?

Our 24/7 intruder alarm monitoring service takes care of reducing the risk of intrusion, and helps you to avoid potential damage and inconvenience, by:

  • Implementing fast-response automated actions to combat activated alarms
  • Immediately informing you of attempted intrusions when premises are vacant
  • Setting up a Unique Reference Number (URN) for automated police response
  • Identifying and managing false alarms.
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Fire alarm monitoring
Fast emergency response

Fire alarm monitoring

Go beyond smoke alarms to avoid loss and damage

Fire alarm systems are a must to protect people, buildings and assets from fire loss and damage, but they are not enough. You also need to factor in peace-of-mind measures such as automated calls to fire brigades for fast emergency response, and water sprinkler control to avoid water damage - especially if the building is vacant.

Our 24/7 fire alarm monitoring service helps to protect you, and reduce the risk of potential fire loss and damage, by:

  • Setting up auto-diallers to notify our monitoring centres about activated alarms
  • Swiftly informing fire brigades, for emergency call outs without delay
  • Monitoring fire sprinkler water flow and valves to minimise water damage
  • Regularly testing, inspecting and repairing alarm equipment to ensure reliability
  • Proving convenient online access to monitoring, maintenance, service and billing
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CCTV/Video Monitoring
Access to recordings and live footage

CCTV/Video monitoring

It’s like having your own CCTV team

CCTV cameras should be at the very top of your security shopping list, but in order to get the best out of your investment, so should CCTV monitoring. Wouldn’t it be valuable to have notifications and instant response to incidents, access to recordings and live footage on-demand, and know that you are missing nothing important?

Our 24/7 CCTV/Video monitoring service delivers peace of mind that your cameras are always working to keep your building and people safe, by:

  • Monitoring cameras during set schedules and providing important notifications
  • Answering alarm triggers and ensuring priority police response to emergencies
  • Supervising employees travelling through high-risk areas, at request
  • Monitoring that personnel are adhering to business expectations and policies
  • Archiving activity reports and footage, for documentation and evidence
  • Providing remote access to archives, and all security cameras in real-time.
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Access control monitoring
Prevent unauthorised access

Access control monitoring 

Who’s coming in? Who’s going out?
It’s important for businesses to implement an Access Control system, so they are able to provide building access to only those authorised to enter. It’s also very important to monitor the system, so they are able to maintain it; manage lost cards; set up automated door lock schedules; and ensure safety at all times.

Our 24/7 access control monitoring service takes care of ensuring building safety and minimising the potential of unauthorised access, by:

  • Providing full maintenance, data entry, and administration of your system
  • Managing access cards, card holder database and visitor badges
  • Implementing and managing door lock schedules
  • Providing an online portal which gives control and information on-demand


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Other monitoring
Keep your staff, customers, and visitors safe

Other monitoring

We monitor more than just intrusion, fire, CCTV and access...

  • Have peace of mind that all your equipment is kept in working order, and that you avoid unneccessary break down costs, with Critical Equipment Monitoring.
  • Combat carbon monoxide with sensors that trigger automatic alarms for emergency assistance, with Carbon Monoxide Monitoring.
  • Keep your staff, customers, and visitors safe by responding quickly in a medical emergency, with our Medical Response service.
  • Never worry about being stuck in a broken down elevator for hours, we provide a quick response to emergencies, with Elevator Telephone Monitoring.
  • Provide your employees with peace of mind that they can feel safe in any location, and in any potential emergency, with our Hold Up & Panic Alarms.
  • Protect your employees from being forced to do arm or disarm a security system under duress, with Duress Monitoring
  • Ensure your employees are following the appropriate procedures when opening and closing facilities, with Open and Close Supervision and Tracking
  • Be notified when your intrusion alarms are activated or deactivated during unscheduled times, with Standard and Customized Exception Reporting.
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