Remote security management

Many functions within companies are now regularly performed remotely, from banking through to meetings. With changing work patterns, including more people working remotely and flexible working hours, security solutions must keep pace. Organisations should now be considering how they can leverage remote management services to maintain their security now and well into the future.

Remote security monitoring 

STANLEY Security want to empower the protectors of those businesses, to enable them to continue safeguarding their premises remotely, with absolute confidence that at least their assets are safe.

Remote Security Management service gives you a cost-effective way of managing your business security remotely through a monitoring video (CCTV system) should an intruder alarm be activated. There are many types of remote security services available.

Our monitoring alarm operators will handle your alarms and evaluate the situation and confirm if an intrusion attempt has taken place, reducing the occurrence of false alarms which leads to faster Police response.

Can remote security replace manned guards?

Remote security monitoring offers many of the same advantages as manned guarding at a fraction of the cost and provides the same visual deterrent that a security guard does.

How much does CCTV monitoring really cost?

CCTV monitoring expert Chris Coughlin shares with us some much-needed insight into the myths and facts around CCTV monitoring and how much you should expect to spend.

Remote security management packages
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Package 1: Remote video verification
Remote monitoring options
Package 2: Remote camera activation

Add extra services

Select from the extra monitoring services below to complement  your chosen package:

Remote Monitoring Security
Cost-effective service to secure your business.

What is remote security management?

Remote Security management is a secure and cost-effective monitoring service to secure your business premises 24/7. A CCTV Camera with added intelligent video analysis software is the fundamental component of the service.
A web connection transfers the footages from your CCTV cameras to remote screens located in our monitoring station. If any unusual activity is detected, the incident will alert our monitoring centre. A STANLEY Security Alarm Operator will handle received video alarms alerts and evaluate what is happening in the LIVE footage.
An example is asking unauthorised person to remove themselves by using a live audio warning. If audio warnings are not enough to deter the intruder, then the emergency services will be contacted.
The functionality can be extended with ordinary cameras, both internally and externally.

There are two remote monitoring packages to choose from:

Remote video verification or Remote camera activation. You can also select from the value added services below to complement your chosen package.                                
Remote Monitoring Security
Package 1


Remote video verification

Remote Video Verification is a cost-effective way of viewing incidents and activations through a video (CCTV) system. The service provides a cloud-based software solution for physical security linked to an intruder alarm activation.

Features include:
Links video (CCTV) system through to the intruder alarm Activates when intruder alarm goes off  View incidents remotely
Benefits include:
Reduce false alarms Reduce keyholder calls and attendances URN protection 

How does the technology work?

Click below to view the video verification infographic.

Download infographic SPEAK TO OUR TEAM OF EXPERTS
Remote Monitoring Security
Package 2


Remote camera activation

Utilising onboard or edge analytics, Camera Activated CCTV Monitoring allows large areas to be protected, via our Remote Monitoring Station. When an alarm is triggered, a video clip of the alarm is dispatched to the STANLEY Security Monitoring Station for review by an operator.

Features include:

  • Protects areas intruder alarms can’t reach
  • Motion activated
  • View incidents remotely

Benefits include:

  • Reduce false alarms
  • Reduce unnecessary site visits
  • 75% cheaper than hiring a security guard

How does the technology work?

Click below to view the camera activation infographic.

If you would like to know more , please contact us to arrange a Zoom or Skype meeting.

Remote Monitoring Security
Select from extra services to complement your chosen package

Value added services

image007 copy

Remote Audio Talk-down

Warnings issued either automatically or manually  – can be a highly effective enhancement to video surveillance.

shieldRemote guard tours

Our operators can perform scheduled tours of your business and can “talk down” to the site in the event that unauthorised persons are on the premises.

image065Remote Video safeguard

Utilising Video Monitoring, we can offer protection to colleagues who are working either alone or in high risk/high security locations.
The addition of intelligent video analytics allows our monitoring operators to detect, view and respond to suspicious activity immediately.
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Remote Monitoring Security
Select from extra services to complement your chosen package

image061Remote Gate Guard

Leveraging equipment such as Intercoms, CCTV and Access Control, we can remotely conduct security guard tasks such as visitor validation, vehicle access and area lockdowns surveillance.


Stanley Guard2

Wherever you go, STANLEY Guard allows you to carry a whole security team in your pocket. You will feel safer and be better protected than ever before.
An employee can simply activate an alert through the STANLEY Guard Personal Safety app.
Remote Monitoring Security
Protecting your livelihood day and night

Remote Video verification and audio challenge 

Transform an existing  intruder detection panel with intelligent standalone cameras to create a video verified and audio challenge solution for your business.

This solution allows you to virtually connect video surveillance cameras into your existing intruder panel with the enhanced ability to visually verify and disperse intruders through audio challenge.

By adding video verification to specific areas of your business, our monitoring centre can determine the threat (and can lead to quicker police response to confirm alarms). Audio challenge capability is enabled to deter or disperse unwanted visitors from the site when a threat can be found.

Key benefits

  • Add visually verified and audio challenged monitoring services to any monitored intruder panel
  • Rapidly improve response time for monitoring operational staff to assist with threat on site
  • False alarms can be logged and closed without the need to contact the client
  • Self-install option
  • Compliance support for lone working
  • No on-site video recorder required – cost effective and rapidly deployable solution
  • Scale as many cameras as needed. Integrated into one system with one app.



Remote Monitoring Security
Manage your workplace security alarms from home

Professional key holding and alarm response

Workspaces stand empty across the UK. Doors have been locked and alarms set. Our data shows that alarm activations, especially during the daytime, have increased by 150% since the beginning of lockdown. Who will attend yours if it is activated during lockdown?

KHC Logo Line Light GradWe’ve partnered with the UK’s number 1 key holding and alarm response specialists to bring you a 20% discount on their standard pricing.

Their trained and accredited security officers are on call 24/7 to attend alarm activations, keep you informed throughout and handle the situation on your behalf  Perfect for lockdown and your duty of care to staff in the future. 

Full job reports with details of the incident and photos of the scene are emailed on completion, so you can keep close tabs on the situation.

20% Discount 

Get 20% off professional alarm response.  Enter the code Stanley20 when you sign up online.


Frequently asked questions
Remote security management

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up? 

If your system is compatible, we can have the system fully set up within 24 hours of purchase, if your system isn’t compatible we can work with you to explore your options.

How much will it cost? 

Prices start at £30 per month, a full range of options can be discussed with your account manager.

Are my cameras too old? Will I have to install new equipment? 

Make, model and age of cameras are not key factors in CCTV connectivity; the main factor is the type of recorder you have installed due to network requirement. 

Will I have to install new data cables? 

Only if your recorder system isn’t on a network .

How will you let me know if there is a problem? 

You will be notified based on your preferred communication channel, the severity of the incident and any special instructions set up with you.

How do I cancel my service? 

Please see out T&C’s section.



Add to your existing Video (CCTV) system

Both internal and external cameras can be connected in the same system. If you have already made the basic investment, we will expand the facility by connecting the number of cameras you want and connect the facility to Category 2 NSI Gold Standard BS5979 accredited monitoring centre.

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Remote security management

Remote security management

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