Systems Integration

Information Management Systems (PSIM)


The security market is experiencing transformation as technology in the industry develops.

As a leading expert in security integration, Stanley Security has extensive experience building  security solutions to secure your people and business, but also by integrating with different systems and solutions to offer business intelligence beyond physical security to include operations issues as well as business analytics. 

Stanley Security  have a dedicated technology solutions group (TSG) who specifically focus on developments in market and technologies in the following areas:

  • Video Technologies - Focused on development in the CCTV market which include advanced analytics.
  • Communications Technologies - Focused on tracking changes in the Machine to Machine market and improvements in communications.
  • Access Technologies - This group includes developments in the access control, door entry and time management technologies.

STANLEY Security is part of the iconic Stanley Black & Decker brand and we deliver unrivalled security solutions for today’s rapidly evolving markets

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Security Systems Integration
Multiple integration capabilities

Security Systems Integration

We offer seamless integration with most physical security information management systems (PSIM). The nature of our platforms allow open protocol.

Integrated systems include:

  • Intrusion Alarms     
  • Access Control Systems     
  • Fire Alarms     
  • Asset Tracking Systems     
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors     
  • Video Surveillance Camera Systems     
  • Critical Equipment and Condition Monitoring Systems     
  • Panic Button Alarms     
  • Emergency Notification Systems     
  • Elevator Controls Integrated Solutions

Our award-winning service and integrated solutions can provide:

  • Multiple integration capabilities     
  • Easy customer system management     
  • Expert design, application and installation     
  • Accurate report generation
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Enterprise integration security systems
Physical Security Information Management

Enterprise integration security systems 

We’ve made integrating multiple security systems from across the country or the world simple and easy. 

Our Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software can easily manage every part of your security system. PSIM allows your staff to access and control the system from a single touchscreen. Plus, our Gold NSI approved mointoring centre is open 24 hours year-round should you need extra support.

We can provide:

  • Multiple site and multi-system integration     
  • Centralised system administration and monitoring     
  • Shared data between multiple platforms     
  • Expert design, application and installation

Stanley Security will partner with you to deliver future-proof solutions that can be easily implemented, even if you want to use your current corporate network. By using existing resources, we aim to provide a scalable system that maximises your return on investment and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Case study: Stansted Airport
Connected Assets
Reduce maintenance time and cost

Stanley Connected Assets

Reduce maintenance time and cost by creating a virtual building twin

Stanley Connected Assets cuts the cost of asset maintenance and operations in buildings, by bringing all equipment data into one single map, sending alerts to operators when issues occur and integrating with third-party business applications and cloud services, such as Salesforce to enable the development of a low-cost asset management model. 

Our platform gathers information from operating systems and sensors to help you understand your buildings. Access to actionable data provides your teams with the knowledge to take action and fix problems faster and smarter. Monitor your data streams on customised dashboards that make sense for you and your business.

So, you’ll always know what assets you have, where they are and what condition they’re in. If one fails or needs maintenance, a fully equipped engineer can be sent.

Stanley Connected Assets is designed to integrate with both your new and existing devices, systems, applications and cloud services to create new value across your organisation.

Connect - Connected Assets combines data from physical assets, legacy systems and sensors to create a unique asset register.

Respond - online maps display the location and health of equipment, and insightful analytics drive more effective servicing and maintenance routines.

Transform - provided as a secure SaaS, Connected Assets is a scalable, cloud-based platform which can be accessed from any web enabled device.

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