Time & attendance systems

Need a clocking in system to improve staff performance and save your business money? 

STANLEY Security is a market leader in the provision, installation, finance and maintenance of integrated time and attendance (clocking machines), access control, payroll, job costing and HR solutions to all sizes of business.

Our Time and Attendance systems can save you time and money by automating the calculation of attendance hours, overtime, holidays and provide management of absences (all exportable to payroll in minutes) and provides evidence in proof of compliancy within working time regulations.


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How do I choose the right T&A product?
Cost-effective solutions

How do I choose the right product?

Choosing the right product is all about finding out the needs of the organisation then choosing the product that best fits those needs.  We will consider the needs for scalability, functionality, features and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution.  

There will be many aspects to consider including:

  • The number of employees who will be using T&A
  • The number of clocking terminals required
  • The number of sites
  • Current site-to-site connectivity
  • Complexity of shift programming, overtime rates, flexitime and similar
  • Interfacing requirements e.g. export to payroll and/or import from HR

Our Time & Attendance packages include:

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Time and Attendance Package 1
Small businesses

Time and Attendance Package 1

1-50 employees | From £35.69 per month*

This is  solid Time and Attendance solution with the emphasis on ease of use and attractive design, which makes it the ideal product for many small organisations.

Includes: Clocking Terminal (IT20) / Software / Labour / Programming (5 shift patterns) / Half Day Training / 50 Key Fobs

Add-ons: Payroll Extension / ST25 Terminal / Pocket PIP (Fire Role Call) / Additional Training / Additional Shift Programming (+5)

* 60 month contract.

Benefits include:

  • Every type of work pattern & schedule can be recorded
  • Automatic calculation of breaks, overtime, absences, allowances & flexi-time
  • Employee holiday tracking, management & reporting
  • Full HR integration - training, appraisals, pensions, vehicles, health & safety
  • Individual employee data - hours worked
  • Authorised & unauthorised absences
  • Real-time calculations, ensuring your information is always up to date
  • Compliance with UK working time regulation
  • Modular system - only pay for the features you need
  • Add employees, sites and terminals as your organisation grows
  • Add modules as your business needs evolve
  • Reporting tool that supports pdf and excel export formats

This package can be upgraded to package 2 at a later date if your needs grow over time.

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Astrow Professional Time and Attendance
Medium to large businesses

Time and Attendance Package 2

 50+ employees

From £110.21 per month*

Includes: Clocking Terminal (ST25) / Software / Labour / Programming (5 shift patterns)/ 2x Half Day Training / 50 Key Fobs / Admin Kit (fob programming)

Add-ons: Payroll Extension / Additional Terminals / Pocket PIP (Fire Role Call) / Additional Training / Additional Shift Programming (+5) / Visitor Registration

All the same benefits you get with Astrow, plus:

  • Astrow Mobile - covers a wide range of mobile applications that can be activated on a pay-as-you-go basis. Every application offers its own benefits, allowing you to even further extend the possibilities available in the desktop web version. By default, all these applications are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • PIP - the Presence Indicator Panel shows in real-time who is currently present and who’s not. In the mobile version, an evacuation list can be activated in cases of emergency.
  • GDPR Compliant - notifications inform your employees on the procedures involved with the processing of their data.
  • Bradford Factor reporting module - Bradford Factor Reporting works by measuring the number of absences over any given period,
  • Holiday and Absence - bookings and absence requests are available at touchscreen terminals.With Astrow Projects, you can measure the time employees spend on a task. This helps with staff costs and identify any possible training needs.
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Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance Package 3

For 100+ employees

The Enterprise Time and Attendance  will provide automatic calculations of hours worked, breaks and overtime in real time, ensuring your system is always up to date. It is also able to simplify routine workforce management tasks such as adapting working times to seasonal requirements, comprehensive holiday planning, absence management, and matching resources to demand, all of which are critical to business efficiency but can be time consuming, costly to manage and a drain on HR resources.

Using the employee self service application, employees are able to make requests for absences, holidays and amend any bookings, all via the web. Management can then quickly and efficiently pass approval for the request and inform the requestor at the click of a button.

Employee self service gives empowerment to your employees and cuts down on administration. This frees up time for managers, allowing them to concentrate on core activities, which in turn helps to increase overall productivity.

  • Reduced costs and high efficiency
    Routine administrative tasks such as control duties, organising flexible working times, integration of collective agreements, etc. are considerably reduced. Our Time & Attendance solution always keeps you up to date.
  • Web based Workflows for absences’ and updates’ management
    Workflows with flexible validation hierarchies reduce the load on your HR department team and keep your staff and your management up-to-date by providing real time reports viewed via the web at any time.
  • Information anywhere and at any time
    The integrated data analysis provides the most diverse statistics. Numerous reports are available, enabling detailed evaluations across different organisational units.


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