Time & Attendance Systems (T&A’s)

Need a clocking in system to improve staff performance and save your business money? 

Time & Attendance system are the modern day clocking in/out system. Electronic readers enable employees to use either a card/tag, mobile or biometrics such as a fingerprint or the irises of their eyes, to register the arrival, break and leave times.

STANLEY Security is a market leader in the provision, installation, finance and maintenance of integrated time and attendance (clocking machines), access control, payroll, job costing and HR solutions to all sizes of business.

STANLEY Security offer a range of Time and Attendance solutions including:

Our Time and Attendance systems can save you time and money by automating the calculation of attendance hours, overtime, holidays and provide management of absences (all exportable to payroll in minutes) and provides evidence in proof of compliancy within working time regulations by monitoring staff hours.

How do I choose the right T&A product?
Cost-effective solutions

How do I choose the right product?

Choosing the right product is all about finding out the needs of the organisation then choosing the product that best fits those needs.  We will consider the needs for scalability, functionality, features and any special requirements before proposing the most cost-effective solution.  

There will be many aspects to consider including:

  • The number of employees who will be using T&A
  • The number of clocking terminals required
  • The number of sites
  • Current site-to-site connectivity
  • Complexity of shift programming, overtime rates, flexitime and similar
  • Interfacing requirements e.g. export to payroll and/or import from HR

Our Time & Attendance packages include:

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Small businesses

Time and Attendance for 1-50 employees

Medium business

Time and Attendance for 50-100 employees

Small businesses

Time and Attendance for 50-100 employees

Enterprise business

Time and Attendance for 100 + employees

Time & Attendance Calculator

Find how much time and money your company could save by using our time and attendance ROI calculator


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