Time and Attendance Enterprise

 Enterprise businesses / 100+ employees 

The Time and Attendance Enterprise will provide automatic calculations of hours worked, breaks and overtime in real time, ensuring your system is always up to date. It is also able to simplify routine workforce management tasks such as adapting working times to seasonal requirements, comprehensive holiday planning, absence management, and matching resources to demand, all of which are critical to business efficiency but can be time consuming, costly to manage and a drain on HR resources.

Using the employee self service application, employees are able to make requests for absences, holidays and amend any bookings, all via the web. Management can then quickly and efficiently pass approval for the request and inform the requestor at the click of a button.


Benefits include:

  • Reduced costs and high efficiency
    Routine administrative tasks such as control duties, organising flexible working times, integration of collective agreements, etc. are considerably reduced. Our Time & Attendance solution always keeps you up to date.
  • Web based Workflows for absences’ and updates’ management
    Workflows with flexible validation hierarchies reduce the load on your HR department team and keep your staff and your management up-to-date by providing real time reports viewed via the web at any time.
  • Information anywhere and at any time
    The integrated data analysis provides the most diverse statistics. Numerous reports are available, enabling detailed evaluations across different organisational units.

Software overview:

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