Time and attendance remote working 

Our remote clocking-in module will enable you to monitor and calculate your employee working hours remotely

Many businesses, large or small, are now remote working to help stop the spread of COVID-19. These measures are necessary, but it can be hard to manage teams and maintain productivity and value for salaries spend.


ta virtual

The time and attendance remote clocking-in module provides valuable assistance in allowing your employees to log their working day and calculate their actual working hours from their computer or smartphone.

Presence Indicator Panel - additional functionalities include forwarding/placing calls onto employees who have clocked-in remotely.

Benefits include:

 CloudRemote clocking-inallows employee to clock in and out from anywhere on most devices. The software also detects staff location via GPS.

 AnalyticsBusiness continuity - payroll and reports can be continued (one less manual task) without changing any processes.

Minimal disruption Wifi - software can be installed remotely if required -  just add the license to your current system.

 Customer servicesTraining and Support - we also offer free advanced training via Zoom or Skype, which lets you get the maximum potential from your product. 

thumb upExisting customers - customers already using our time and attendance software can benefit by adding the virtual module to their system.


 remote working gps2

Check location 

Utilising a mobile devices GPS signal, the software tracks exactly where the employee clocked-in and displays them on a map interface within the software. All the locations are stored within the database.

For smarter managed businesses 

STANLEY Security has been providing time and attendance systems for over 30 years and has customers across a range of sectors, including logistics, manufacturing and hospitality.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace and organisations requiring greater flexibility, STANLEY Security has revamped its time and attendance offering to provide more sophisticated solutions that customers can readily adapt to their individual requirements.

There are four systems in the our time and attendance portfolio: Starter, Professional, Advanced and Enterprise. Click below to find out more. 



Small businesses

Time and Attendance for 1-50 employees

Medium business

Time and Attendance for 50-100 employees

Small businesses

Time and Attendance for 50-100 employees

Enterprise business

Time and Attendance for 100 + employees

Time & Attendance Calculator

Find how much time and money your company could save by using our time and attendance ROI calculator



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