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Lenel Systems

Lenel build and support the most innovative, flexible and scalable integrated security solutions in the world empowering our customers to effectively protect and manage their people, property and assets.

Products include access control Software, linked to a full range of Readers and ID Devices including: proximity, biometric, keypad, magnetic strip, smart card and card printers. Also in the range are Door Controllers,and the potential to link systems to form Integrated Solutions.


OnGuard Access

OnGuard Access is an integrated access control and alarm monitoring system that delivers maximum protection, versatility, simple operation and cost efficiency. OnGuard Access incorporates the most advanced technologies available, including object-oriented software, client/server database architecture and Microsoft's Windows 7 Professional 64bit operating system.

OnGuard Access offers unlimited scalability within a single, seamlessly integrated software solution. It has been designed to meet the needs of any size organization, from one that requires an entry-level, two-reader system to a large corporation with numerous facilities and thousands of card readers located around the world. OnGuard Access supports an unlimited* number of card readers, alarm points and cardholders.

Segmentation is an optional feature that provides a logical way to group database components. System administrators define segments within the database, then assign each system user or object (access levels, card formats, badge types, etc.) to one or more of those segments. Segmentation is beneficial in environments where not every cardholder needs access to every area within a facility. A user sees only those objects that are in his segment(s) and those objects that are system wide.

In a segmented system, only those records associated with a particular segment are downloaded to the Intelligent System Controllers and associated field hardware in that segment. By minimizing the number of records that must be stored in a given device, segmentation provides more efficient utilization of the limited memory contained in access control hardware.

  • Global Hard Anti-passback allows administrators to require that cardholders present credentials to both enter and exit an area. This prevents the same credentials from simultaneously being used elsewhere in the area, while reporting an alarm to the Alarm Monitoring workstation(s).
  • Global Soft Anti-passback allows administrators to require that cardholders present credentials to both enter and exit an area. This rule would allow the same credentials to be simultaneously used elsewhere in the area, accompanied by an alarm will be reported to the Alarm Monitoring workstation(s).
  • Timed Anti-passback (across readers) allows administrators to determine how long after an accepted card-read before the same credential may be allowed at the same card reader. This rule can also be applied across a group of readers, a valuable feature for turnstile applications where multiple readers are in close, open proximity and credentials have a chance of being passed back for additional use.
  • Two Person Control allows administrators to require that two individuals be present before being able to access high-security areas and both credentials be presented upon exit of those areas. In between entry and exit of the first two and last two cardholders, individual access may be allowed as the two-cardholder minimum is in effect.
  • Occupancy Limit allows administrators to restrict the amount of cardholders in a specific area at any given time. Once the Occupancy Limit has been reached, a cardholder must use the exit reader before another card read will be accepted at the entry reader. This is a valuable instrument in managing access to parking areas which are at capacity.

OnGuard allows administrators to configure linkages where any input/output/event can be linked to any other input/output/event in the system. These linkages can be derived from any OnGuard application and associated hardware. Events such as invalid access level, valid card read, or motion detection might trigger such outputs as unmasking an alarm masking group, open an area or set the active mode of a card reader. With Global I/O, OnGuard is easily automated to ensure rules execute properly and security can be engaged instantly as necessary.

OnGuard Area Access Manager

OnGuard Area Access Manager is a business productivity solution that enables authorized managers to control cardholder access to specific physical areas. A manager need only log in to the Area Access Manager application using a standard desktop PC or browser. OnGuard Area Access Manager displays a list of areas over which the manager has control, as well as a list of all personnel who have access to those areas. The manager can then assign or remove the access rights of employees to areas within his or her operational domain.

OnGuard Area Access Manager provides a simple yet robust method for remotely administering access by individuals to specific areas in a facility. Using OnGuard Area Access Manager, corporate security departments can give managers independent control over the physical areas and staff for which they are responsible. This capability eliminates the ongoing need for intervention by a security administrator in order to assign or remove access privileges for each employee, thereby saving both time and money.

OnGuard Area Access Manager’s seamless integration with other OnGuard applications provides a complete audit trail and reporting capabilities. All access privilege assignments and removals are logged to the database with a time and date stamp and the identity of the manager who completed the transaction.

OnGuard Area Access Manager uses an intuitive wizard-like interface to provide fast, efficient management of specific physical areas. The application simplifies process of adding or removing cardholder access privileges, thereby streamlining training and minimizing the learning curve.

Area Access Manager offers two different deployment models, desktop and browser-based client. Both modules are designed to allow users the ability to easily access cardholder information and assign/modify/revoke access permissions to the designated areas. Customers deciding to migrate from the desktop model to the browser-based client model will find an identical wizard process, eliminating the need for re-training. The browser-based client deployment also offers a no-cost OnGuard VideoViewer component that is built into the user interface, allowing department managers to view video related to their specific areas.

OnGuard Enterprise

OnGuard Enterprise is the industry’s first multi-server, synchronized database solution designed for enterprises with multiple facilities spread across geographical areas. OnGuard Enterprise allows corporate security and IT managers to maintain central control over the entire integrated security system, while allowing regional offices to maintain independence and autonomous operations of their respective individual regional security systems.

OnGuard Enterprise gives corporate security and IT managers complete command and control over all system and event information. All cardholder and access control field data accumulated at the regional servers is synchronized and logged to a master enterprise server. This gives corporate security managers full viewing control over central alarm monitoring, reporting, and auditing functionality.

OnGuard Enterprise gives regional system administrators autonomous control over their individual regions, independent of the enterprise server and corporate wide area network. Each regional system administrator has total control over all access control field hardware and system information related to his respective region. Additionally, regional administrators and operators can view, control, and modify only the information and field hardware that is related to their regions.

OnGuard Enterprise’s advanced interfacing capabilities allow bi-directional communication with third party databases—such as human resource systems—to transfer cardholder information. Updates occur in real time, and cardholder information is automatically downloaded to all associated access panels. If an employee is terminated, the information is transferred from the HR system to OnGuard Enterprise, which automatically removes all access rights for the cardholder and downloads the required information to the access controllers.

With OnGuard Enterprise, each cardholder carries a single ID card that is usable at all regional sites in the system. Once the cardholder database has been distributed to the regions, each regional administrator can assign unique access levels for the cardholders that are allowed at his region. OnGuard Enterprise’s advanced security allows system administrators and operators to assign access levels for only those card readers that are in their respective regions.

OnGuard Enterprise’s power and flexibility allows system operators to monitor alarms in multiple regions simultaneously. This means that regional operators might, for example, monitor alarm and event information locally during working hours, while enterprise operators might monitor alarms from all of the regions after hours. An unlimited number of regions can be monitored simultaneously. OnGuard Enterprise also allows enterprise system administrators to configure and administer multiple regions from a single site.

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