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The Concept Tag

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The Concept Tag Asset Tracking - STANLEY Security

The most exciting advance in EAS tagging since the retail security tag industry was born almost 30 years ago.

Almost impenetrable design. The Concept Tag is unyielding when faced with shoplifters. Its almost impenetrable anti theft design makes it resistant to even the most persistent and determined of thieves. At the 2015 Retail Fraud Conference in London, Tony Sales, dubbed "Britain's Greatest Fraudster" admitted that he had not managed to find a way to illicitly remove a Concept Tag from a garment, either in-store or elsewhere.

With the launch of The Concept Tag, retailers can now look forward to a reversal of the ever-growing problem of "Illicit tag removal". For many years now the apparent ease at which security tag releasers can be purchased via the internet has resulted in a dramatic increase in retail stock loss and retail loss prevention.

Unique locking mechanism

The Concept Tag is a revolutionary new EAS tagging design that is removed in a totally unique way. It's almost impossible to replicate the way in which the security tag is removed; even trying to force The Concept Tag off would require more than 50kgs of pressure. It is simply not possible to put this amount of pressure through an implement such as a screwdriver whilst holding a tag. Such attempts would result in damage to the garment or potential injury to the thief.

Investment in development

The Concept Tag has been over 10 years in development and millions of dollars has been invested to bring it to the retail security tagging market. However, Agon Systems believes that this commitment to launch the world's most secure tag has been worth it and finally retailers can look forward to winning the battle against shoplifting.

Tim Edwards, Profit Protection Director at JD Sports commented. ‘‘JD report losses down 50%, thanks to new tagging system. Concept Tag ‘‘Saving millions. Following extensive trials, JD has seen a 50% reduction in losses at their Oxford Street Store.’’

It is calculated that a roll out of this innovation across a typical retailers estate, with an average 1% stock loss, would be add a 4% - 5% increase in pre-tax profits.

There is a significant Health and Safety advantage as well, in that pins will no longer be left on the floor or in pockets or hoods. This has been a major problem for many retailers and retail security systems, with customers pricking themselves on these discarded pins, which have been removed by thieves after they have stolen product from the store.

The Concept Tag is the revolutionary new type of EAS security tag that will eventually replace all other retail security tagging.

The Concept Tag Brochure 

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