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Paging Systems Staff Protection

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Staff Protection Security Systems - STANLEY Security

Your employees are your most valuable asset, so dependable staff protection solutions are essential when working in potentially threatening situations.

The Minder and Bodyguard Staff Protection Systems are all designed and manufactured by STANLEY Security at our factory in Exeter.

It is recognized as the safest and most resilient system available on the market to meet the needs of secure establishments like Mental Health Units, Secure Children Homes and Prisons. At STANLEY we understand that keeping staff safe in high-risk environments is a hard job. Minimising risks not only enhances staff safety but also results in increased efficiency. Reassured that their personal safety is maximised and that help is immediately to hand, staff can work with confidence.

STANLEY Minder Staff Protection Solutions are the ideal choice for all staff in your facilities. Pressing the red button instantly alerts colleagues nearby that you require assistance. The system is easy to set-up and monitoring can begin immediately. You need to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the protection of staff, which is why we have deveoped our Minder system.

Minder Overview

All people requiring protection would carry a Minder Mobile. This mobile can transmit an alarm giving the user’s location in the event of an incident. The mobile can also receive alarm and location information.

This means that no one should have to carry two units.

An alarm can be generated in 4 ways:

  • By pressing the large red alarm button
  • By pulling out the rip-cord (this is an optional facility)
  • Automatically via a tilt mechanism should the staff member by incapacitated. (However, we have not offered this option for your application)
  • Automatically should the mobile stop working.

The speed of response from Minder is its most remarkable aspect. From one person initiating an alarm, within 4 to 7 seconds, all other members of staff carrying Minder Units will know the location of the alarm. When compared to other systems, which require staff to locate an alarm panel before responding to the alarm, this is impressive.

STANLEY Radio Staff Alarm Systems comply with HBN 03_01 Acute Mental Health Units out as recommended by the Department of Health.

The Minder mobile is available with a vibrating option. This enables all alarm calls to be received silently leading to a less disruptive environment a reducing the risk of provoking other incidents.

The ability of Minder to be able to poll mobiles to prove that they are working is an extremely important element of the system.

Guardian Minder mobiles CommunicationsExample images of the Minder mobiles



When an alarm call is transmitted, it is first received at the central control PC giving the name of the person who sent the call and their present location.

At the PC, a map of the premises can be used to show the present location of the person who initiated the call. Members of staff are also alerted on their Minder mobile of the alarm and the present location of the alarm is displayed on their mobile.

Identifying the location of the Minder mobile is achieved by installing Location Beacons at key areas in the building, e.g. exits, bedrooms, corridors and doors. As the Minder Mobile passes close to a Beacon, it receives the signal that identifies a specific location.

There are three different "zoning" design methods;

  • Fully Zoned
  • Part Room by Room (remaining areas "Fully Zoned")
  • Room by Room

The Minder System can be regarded as a complete security handler. Alarms from other systems, e.g. Incident Alarms, Patient Call, Fire Alarm, CCTV and Door/Perimeter Monitoring Systems can be displayed on the PC and also be passed as alarm messages to the Minder Mobiles

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