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BlueBell Paging Staff Protection - STANLEY Security

Provide your staff with the most reliable staff attack device

Staff and nurses require the most reliable, single staff attack solution to complete their jobs effectively. STANLEY's staff attack solution, BlueBell is a personal alarm and response pager in one compact unit. No need for separate alarms and pagers. Unlike systems using a single technology, BlueBell supports multiple location technology that's right for your situation and your budget. 

True location monitoring

Whether you are a carer for elderly dementia sufferers, for youngster with learning difficulties, or in a secure mental hospital, BlueBell systems can be tailored to provide true location so that responding colleagues can get to the correct place and not just to the location of the original incident.

Key performance monitoring

BlueBell supports multiple location technology that's right for your situation and budget. Its secure read network provides effective location indoors and out. Its unique 'swipe' capability can also be used to register location and provides a further low cost means of including additional and perhaps less critical areas. The system confirms receipt of every call and location message so that you can be sure the system is working 24/7. The logging and analysis software provides you with charts and data for proof of compliance or key performance monitoring.


  • Robust and waterproof (IP67) pager
  • Vibration and selectable tones
  • 2 line, 16 character, backlit display
  • User re-programmable nurse identity
  • Exit alarm
  • Belt-clip and lanyard options
  • 72 hours battery life

Improves Resident Safety

  • Delivers calls directly and therefore more quickly to carers
  • Carer accountability is created with Buddy ID facility
  • Fully IP rated waterproof to 1m depth so can be wiped or fully washed down in support of infection prevention strategy.

Quieter and More Responsive Care Home Environment

  • Eliminates/reduces call bell noise, a significant issue for residents (particularly those with dementia), families, carers and management alike
  • Carers eliminate wasted time walking to check nurse call panels and increasing availability for attending to resident needs.

Protect and Leverage your Investment

  • Exit beacon prevents pager loss from being taken off site
  • Waterproof and tough pager case reduces maintenance costs
  • Increased information for reviews with resident families, CQC and staff performance management



  • Radio network - Secure, two way radio network
  • Frequency - 869 MHz Pan European SRD frequency band
  • Max number of pagers - 999
  • Max base stations with slaves - 17
  • Max repeaters - 119
  • Exit Beacon - Wireless battery powered with 3 year battery life


  • Environmental - Waterproof IP67
  • Dimensions and weight - 65mm x 82mm x 16m, 90g
  • Display - 2 x 16 characters backlit display
  • Notification - 10 user selectable bleep tones, silent vibrate and LED ‘heartbeat’ indicator
  • Battery life - 72 hours in normal use
  • Charge time - 7 hours (1 hour fast charge followed by 6 hour full charge)
  • Charging method - Multi-bay charging Rack
  • Battery type - Lithium Ion 3.7V 650mAh


  • ETSI EN300-220-1 v2.3.1 and ETSI ETS300-683

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