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Video Managed Services

“STANLEY’s eVideoManager puts the power of video surveillance to work for my business.”

eVideoManager offers a rich selection of video monitoring services provided by STANLEY. Remote view software allows STANLEY ProtectionNet™ monitoring specialists to see and document what is happening within your protected location. You also can see your STANLEY activity reports online with the associated video clips.

Let STANLEY be your eyes to great security, safety and operations efficiency.

Video Managed Services

With eVideo Alarm Verification, our ProtectionNet Customer Service Centre automatically receives a video clip whenever an alarm system signal is generated, significantly enhancing the conventional alarm-monitoring process.

STANLEY eVideo Guard Tour can replace or augment traditional guard tour services. Following your schedule, our ProtectionNet Customer Service Centre specialists look-in on your premises to ensure employee safety, normal business operations, and no unauthorized access.

With Open/Close Recording, STANLEY records, documents, and archives videos of employees arming and disarming the alarm system. With Open/Close Supervision, STANLEY ProtectionNet specialists view video of employees arming and disarming the alarm system.

Concerned about the safety of your employees as they walk to and from their cars or complete high-risk work operations? Upon notification from the customer, our ProtectionNet Customer Service Centre will visually monitor an employee to ensure their safety.

STANLEY’s eVideo Live gives you the convenience and security to access your local video surveillance system through the eServices web portal. See your cameras live or view and retrieve stored images from your DVR anytime, anywhere and all online, real-time.

STANLEY provides secure, convenient, and cost-effective cloud and local storage solutions for your video needs. With eVideo Cloud Storage, we will store your video surveillance content remotely in secure data centers, reducing the need for on-site DVR storage capacity, and allowing for access to live view and video recordings online, real-time.

With eVideo System Health Check, STANLEY’s video automation system connects daily to verify proper system operation including verification of the communication link, system functionality, ensuring the system is capturing images as configured, and ensuring each camera is operational. If issues are detected, we automatically initiate corrective action, and customers can view a eVideo Support Services report through eVideoManager.

In eVideo Image Quality Check, STANLEY’s video specialists will remotely connect to your video system on a quarterly or monthly basis to perform diagnosis of equipment failures and ensuring that the system is producing identifiable images, reducing camera downtime.

With eVideo Incident Retrieval, STANLEY monitoring specialists will assist with major occurrence investigations including break-ins, robberies, assaults, and more by retrieving incident images and generating archives for long-term storage.


To view a video about eVideo Alarm Verification, eVideo Guard Tour, eVideo Open/Close Services, and eVideo Escort, click here. To view a video about eVideo Audit, click here. To view a video about eVideo Live, click here.

With STANLEY eVideoManager, customers receive

  • Real-time, live support services
  • A partner to reduce false alarm costs and increase safety, security and productivity
  • A means to deter criminal activity, reduce shrinkage, document events for evidence and provide critical information to responding agencies

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