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Digital TV Communal Aerial Systems | STANLEY Security

STANLEY Security are one of the largest installers and maintainers of Digital TV Communal Aerial Systems in Multiple Dwelling Buildings (MDUs) throughout the UK. Our clients include Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Managing Agents, Property Developers, Architects and Consultants. We are well placed to meet the individual needs of Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Private Landlords, providing Digital TV to their residents through Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) and Fibre Integrated Reception Systems (FIRS) which avoid the risk of aerial/dish proliferation. Most landlords acknowledge that TV aerial services are one of the essential services offered to residents.

Integrated Reception System (IRS)

An IRS distributes the signals from communal antennas (usually hidden from view on the roof of a block or a central building on an estate) to every home in the system, providing each with access to digital satellite TV and radio, digital terrestrial TV, and FM and DAB radio.

Installing a new IRS system reduces the risk of dish and aerial proliferation and offers residents in flats the same television viewing options as those living in houses.

An IRS comes in many different shapes and sizes, but in its simplest form is a combination of:

  • BBC Freeview via a Digital compatible aerial
  • Sky Digital via a communal satellite dish including Sky+, Sky+ HD
  • Freesat, subscription free services
  • Digital Radio via a communal DAB radio aerial
  • FM radio via a communal FM radio aerial

Recommended Options, subject to circumstances are:

Sky + which provides a second Sky channel into the home via a second cable. This also facilitates High Definition Television (HDTV).

Hotbird Foreign Channels via a second communal dish The services are "gathered together" at the system head end and distributed through a new cable network to each home, terminating at a master outlet socket, as shown.

It is up to the residents to choose the services they wish to purchase which are available as follows:

  • Freeview High Street retailers and supermarkets
  • Sky BSkyB
  • Hotbird Specialist satellite retailers

Sky+ (record, pause & rewind) is now the standard offering from Sky and, as such most residents and landlords are choosing to upgrade to this specification as a minimum. The main difference between a Sky+ & a Sky only IRS system is that a Sky+ system provides 2 consumer cables into every dwelling (instead of one) and a 4 node TV Face Plate. It is usually quite easy for a resident to identify whether they have a Sky or a Sky+ system by looking at the TV outlet within their premises – if it has 3 nodes on the face plate (including 1 "Sat" node) then the system will probably not be able to provide Sky+ services.

It is also possible to add additional Foreign Satellite services to an IRS system to cater for blocks where there is a high degree of diversity or where there is a demand for non-English programming.

These configurations are usually called 9-wire, 13-wire or 17-wire systems and are installed based on similar principals to what is described above. The main and most obvious difference will be the number of Satellite dishes required to serve the new system (a 9-wire system has 2 dishes, a 13-wire system has 3 dishes and a 17 wire system has 4 dishes). These systems also usually incorporate a larger "Head-end" and additional consumer cables to bring the additional services into each residents home.

Should your residents wish to have independent satellite viewing in another room, we can offer additional cable drops when carrying out the system installation. We can also provide extra internal points so that your residents can have access to their satellite service in another room. This gives your residents flexibility and choice.

Fibre Integrated Reception Systems (FIRS)

Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) is an innovative, non-disruptive and cost-effective solution to providing broadcast signals to the buildings you design. It distributes the signals from communal antennas to each home in a block of flats, providing each with access to digital satellite TV and radio, digital terrestrial TV, FM and DAB radio.

  • same service/equipment/subscription choices as individual homes
  • freedom to choose broadcast supplier and services multi-rooming possibilities
  • homes are 'plug and play' for new residents wide range of TV and radio channels, free and pay access to HD & 3D TV
  • continuity of service through digital switchover specialist channel choice (ethnic, foreign channels)
  • A fibre TV system minimises the number of antennas required meaning that one antenna array can potentially cover many hundred dwellings
  • Unlike traditional coax systems, fibre networks carry little no signal losses meaning that there are no cable distance restraints. Typically a fibre system can be far more cost effective when serving large systems over large areas. Another major benefit is a reduction in the need for street furniture to house power supplies across wider networks
  • no individual aerials and dishes on the property
  • residents' demands for digital services are fully satisfied
  • future-proof, adds value for potential new residents
  • no waterproofing necessary fewer cables than copper installation one single checkpoint for maintenance
  • Fibre cable is significantly smaller in diameter to traditional coax. This makes housing the fibre cable easier to install and a cost-effective solution
  • A fibre system requires less space in the common areas, typically 25% or so less than a conventional coax system. This is an important factor in most new builds where space is at a premium
  • A fibre delivery system makes it easier to provide additional Sky+ multi room points within a property without the need for additional cable runs from the head-end
  • With a fibre delivery method, the owner / resident potential has flexibility to upgrade to additional Sky+ points in other rooms at their request (either before or after occupation) With fibre this can be achieved without running extra cables to the property from the switches and through the common areas. Up to 16 plus satellite television points in any home is possible using the upgrade path. This will meet the requirements of any resident, both now and in the future. In the future the need for additional Sky points will become necessary as Sky set top boxes will have the need for more than the current two connections (multiple input tuners for re-coding and multi room options)
  • Broadband and Wi-Fi delivery options can be overlaid on the fibre signal to all points

Integrated Solutions

In today's fast moving environment where technology changes rapidly, it is important to employ flexible solutions that can adapt and change with your individual needs.

Our products can be fully integrated to create a complete networked solution, backed by our comprehensive service including product technology, finance and service in order to add value to your TV Distribution System. For example, integrating a TV Distribution System with your CCTV and Door Entry solution can increase security for your residents by enabling them to view visitors on their TV screens before allowing entry.

This integrated approach extends throughout our entire business – all guaranteeing an industry-leading service to our customers.

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