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Emergency Evacuation Fire Detection Life Safety

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Emergency Fire Evacuation/lighting

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STANLEY’s Emergency Evacuation solutions combine the detection capabilities of our advanced fire alarm with the capabilities of emergency evacuation to provide a comprehensive life safety and fire alert systems for your building. STANLEY’s evacuation systems provide a crucial channel of communication for responding fire authorities to address all building occupants in life-saving emergencies. You can count on STANLEY to deliver a complete life safety solution for you.

STANLEY’s Emergency Evacuation Services Provide

  • Building & Fire Regulatory Compliance
  • Gold NSI approved  Customer Service Centre’s Monitoring and Dispatch
  • Life Safety Evacuation Alarm and Communication Systems
  • High Rise and Assembly Occupancies
  • Distributed and Networked Panel Applications
  • Recall, Shutdown and Integrated Interfaces
  • Multiple Messaging and Languages Formatting
  • Advanced Diagnostics
  • Test and Inspection Services
  • Maintenance and Repair Services

STANLEY’s Emergency Evacuation and Fire Alert systems are fully integrated with our Advanced Automatic Fire Alarms to provide you with a comprehensive fire safety solution.

Fire Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is a crucial component of the safety system of any building. CFS creates, installs and offers expert after-care service for many different kinds of emergency lighting system, including those for the most complex, high profile locations. We specialise in emergency lighting design and implementation, working with only the most modern and technologically advanced emergency lighting systems, with discreet and stylish flush fittings and sleek and seductive touchscreen controls.

In order to be absolutely sure of maximum protection for your business or your home, CFS can arrange for the installation of bespoke, fully-monitored, state of the art LED systems, all of which come equipped with remote testing functionality.

What are some of the different types of emergency lighting available?

There are of course many different kinds of emergency lighting for the many different kinds of situation. Let's have a look at some of the most popular:

Temporary lighting (see also standby lighting). There are many different types of location that require that, even in a state of emergency when often, typically, there is no power, normal activity may be continued. Locations such as hospitals, fire stations or prisons. Temporary lighting allows for essential activities to continue and not be shut down by emergency-imposed darkness. Temporary lighting comes in all kinds of different sizes and constructions, and can, of course, be suited to either indoor or outdoor use.

Exit signage. Imagine an office or corridor or some other room that you regularly use filling with smoke or plunged into darkness for some reason and you have to leave the building to survive. It's not a pleasant thing to consider - although considering it and planning for it may mean that the worst will never be allowed to happen. What you need to ensure is that in the event of something like this taking place, you have working emergency exit signs and/or illuminated pathways that will help guide you and your workmates or your family to safety.

Thermoplastic Emergency Lighting. Thermoplastic exit signs are typically situated above a building's nearest exits. Easily recognisable because of their red or green lettering, there are various different kinds of thermoplastic signs to choose from. They include: Thermoplastic, Photoluminescent, Self-Luminous and Edge Lit

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