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Astrow Professional 

Comprehensive Time & Attendance for small to medium sized businesses | STANLEY Security

Astrow - Browser based Time and Attendance

Astrow provides a solid Time and Attendance solution with the emphasis on ease of use and attractive design. This makes it a good fit for most organisations. Astrow makes management of attendance hours, overtime, flexitime, holiday and absence tracking a breeze.

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The latest version has completed the transition from a traditional Windows application to a fully web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer etc.) based solution.  This makes installation quicker and easier with less disruption whilst requiring less resources on the end-users computers.  Upgrades are near seamless because only the server needs to be upgraded and all the end-users will automatically receive the latest version.

Features & Benefits

STANLEY Astrow is an easy-to-use system suitable for most organisations.

  • Established product that has been thoroughly tested and maintained.  Astrow has been on the market for over 20 years.
  • Modular system. Only pay for the features you need.
  • Extendable and expandable. Add employees, sites and terminals as your organisation grows. Add modules as your business needs evolve. 
  • Reporting tool that supports CSV and Excel export formats.
  • The system optional basic HR system for customers who do not have a HR system in place.
  • Updated hardware range, catering for different reader technologies.
  • Reliable service from a reputable name with decades of T&A expertise.
  • Tailored solution to fit your business needs.
  • Flexibility to change requirements to customers’ evolving business needs by purchasing additional modules.
  • Maintain links with other existing systems for local administration (Payroll, HR etc.)
  • Reduce time take for T&A management/payroll. This allows redeployment of key staff to more productive activities – ROI (focus on core business)

Browser-Based Solution

The latest version of Astrow is now a fully web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer) based solution.  This has the following benefits:

  • Nothing to install at the client computers. Does not require administrator rights.
  • Quicker installation with less disruption.
  • Can support non-Windows operating systems such as Apple Mac and Linux.
  • Clients automatically benefit from upgrades applied at the server.
  • Easier to add users.
  • Replacement computers can be set up quickly for Astrow - just enter the address of the Astrow server into the address bar in the web browser and (optionally) add a bookmark/favourite/desktop shortcut

Astrow Cloud

Astrow Cloud

Astrow can be offered as a cloud-based/SaaS solution as well as in the traditional on-premises model.   With Astrow Cloud the software is installed in our data centre and accessed over the Internet using your favourite web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari.

Astrow Cloud has the following benefits:

  • No capital outlay for servers.  We provide the servers and guarantee that they meet the requirements for the size of your Astrow system.
  • No installation and maintenance costs.  We perform all the installation and maintenance tasks, such as installing the Astrow software, pre-requisite server components, security updates and patches, and database backups.
  • Less disruption during installation.  Only the terminals will be installed on your sites, so disruption will be minimal.
  • Multiple-sites only require a basic broadband connection at each site.  On-premises solutions typically require a more expensive site-to-site VPN or similar.
  • Available anywhere.  Travelling managers and users can access Astrow Cloud whenever they have computer access and an Internet connection, even over a 3G mobile network.
  • Faster and more convenient support.  We don't have to arrange access to your computers to provide support.  This is also more secure and doesn't tie up any of your computers.

Roll Call & Presence Indication

Astrow provides a mobile app for Android phones and tablets and iPhone/iPad devices that provides a quick and easy means to identify who is in the building, incuding the ability to perform a roll call.


In the standard view the app acts as a presence indicator pannel.

Pocket PIP Showing List of Employees with Presence Status

Icons appear besides each employee. These show green for present or red for absence. The icons show different statuses depending upon whether an employee has been present on the day but has left, has a scheduled absence, etc.

PocketPIP PIP Display Standard

Tap for More Information

Tapping on an individual employee will display a pop-up showing more detailed information.

PocketPIP Click Employee


Pocket PIP can apply filters to restrict the display according to teams, the last terminal the employee clocked in/out at, and various presence statuses. 

PocketPIP Filters

There is a toggle control at the top of the screen to enable the roll call view. 

Not Confirmed List

In this screen, a "thumbs up" icon is displayed beside each employee. The fire marshall can check each person is safe then tap this icon to remove them from the "Not confirmed" list.

PocketPIP Not Confirmed

Confirmed List

The ">" icon at the top of the screen can be used to swap to the Confirmed list. When the user taps the "thumbs up" on each employee in the "Not confirmed" list, they are moved to this list. They can be removed from this list by tapping the "thumbs down" icon.

PocketPIP Confirmed Safe

Email Roll Call Results

Once the roll call is complete, the list can be emailed to one or more recipients. This is very useful for testing the effectivenes of a fire drill.

PocketPIP email

Terminals & Readers

Employees usually clock-in and clock-out using a hardware terminal, although there is also the option to use the web terminal to enable employees to clock-in or clock-out using their computer.

Our terminals communicate via your network to the Astrow server using industry standard and robust TCP/IP protocols.

The terminals can also provide additional information to the employee, such as holiday remaining or flexi-time balance and can also be used for absence clocking e.g. Off-Site Visits.

STANLEY offer several terminal models, with a variety of reader types. We can offer advice to help you to choose the model that best fits your organisation's needs. Multiple terminal models can be combined on the same Astrow system to accommodate differing needs across your organisation. Each terminal will have an internal or external reader.

ST25 ProxWe offer readers that support proximity cards and fobs. Our standard offering is a KeyPACTM reader that provides a fast, convenient and reliable solution using either credit card sized cards, either pre-printed or printable, or heavy-duty fobs that can be attached to the employee's key ring. The KeyPAC cards can be presented to the reader whilst still inside the employee's wallet. 

ST25 FPOur fingerprint reader provides a cost effective and convenient biometric solution. With a fingerprint reader, there are no cards to forget, lose or damage which can reduce administration costs. Fingerprint readers combat "buddy clocking" and ensures that employees' hours are recorded fairly and accurately. Employees simply place their finger on the reader when they want to clock-in or clock-out. The terminal will display the employee's name along with any other information that has been configured (e.g. flexi-time balance) to confirm that the clocking has been successful.

NXT Front FacingThe EyeSwipe-Nano NXT reader is a state of the art biometric solution that uses a person's iris (the coloured part of the eye) to quickly and accurately identify the employee. It is replacement for a proximity, magnetic stripe or similar reader with the added advantage removing the requirement to carry cards or remember PINs. Matching is performed on the unit and it has enough capacity to store 25,000 eye pairs.

The EyeSwipe-Nano is the ultimate defense against buddy clocking. This will help to increase employee productivity and save on paying unnecessary overtime. No more wasted
administration time issuing replacement cards or excuses for being late e.g. I have forgot my card.

Iris scanners are not to be confused with retina scanners. The EyeSwipe-Nano uses a pair of video cameras to capture high resolution images without any risk to the eye. The Iris contains more biometric data than any other biometric measurement other than DNA.

The EyeSwipe-Nano is a no-touch solution, preventing the spread of infections and is ideal where employees work with oil, grease or dirty materials.

Visitor Registration

Astrow offers an optional module for visitor registration. This provides a simple electronic replacement for typical visitor signing in books with the advantage of visitors appering on the roll call app for Android/iPhone/iPad. Visitors can check themselves in using an ST25 terminal or an Adroid or iPad tablet. After registration, the visistor's host will be notified by email that they have arrived.

The same ST25 terminal that is used for general Time and Attendance uses has a touch-screen that makes it suitable for use as a visitor registration terminal. The screen captures below show a typical system configuration.

Terminal Showing Visitor Welcome Screen

The image below shows the Visitor Welcome screen on an ST25 terminal

ST25 Showing Visitor Screen

Visitor Welcome screen

Visitors will tap the Visitor Check In button on arrival and Visitor Check Out when leaving. Alternatively their host can check them in or out using the Astrow software.

ST25 Visitor Screen 1

Visitor Details Screen 1

The visitor will enter basic details using the on-screen keyboard of the ST25 terminal.

ST25 Visitor Screen 2

Visitor Details Screen 2

Additional details are entered on the second screen.

ST25 Visitor Screen 3

Legal/Safety Information

Astrow provides an editor to enter information to display to visitors. This can be safety, procedures and legal information relevant to visitors. The screen capture below is an example only.

ST25 Visitor Legal Info

Completing the Check-In

After clicking on the registration button the terminal will take a photograph of the visitor using its built-in camera. The terminal will then display the confirmation message, which can also be customised, and the host will be notified by email that the visitor has arrived.

ST25 Visitor Confirmation

Visitors can be registered using an iPad or Android tablet, as described in this section.

Visitor Welcome Screen

Visitors will tap the Visitor Check In button on arrival and Visitor Check Out when leaving. Alternatively their host can check them in or out using the Astrow software.

Tablet Visitor Welcome

Visitor Basic Details

Basic details such as Names, email addresses are captured using the tablet's on-screen keyboard. The 2 screen captures below show this for both a single visitor and for 2 visitors arriving together as part of a single visit.

Tablet Details Screen 1

Tablet Details Screen 1 2 Visitors

Host Search

The visitor can type the name of their host or search for him/her as shown in the 2 screen captures below.

Tablet Host Selection

Tablet Host Search

Car Registration

Visitors arriving by car can enter their registration number or simply tap next if they haven't arrived by car.

Tablet Car Registration

Company Name

The organisation that the visitor works for can be entered or if they are a private individual they can enter "No company".

Tablet Company Name

Visit Purpose

The purpose of the visit.

Tablet Visit Purpose

 Tablet Legal


The visitor's photograph can be captured using the tablet's front-facing camera. The example below has been edited to remove the photo for data protection reasons.

Tablet Photo


A message is displayed to confirm the process is complete.

Tablet Complete

Astrow Screenshots

A small selection of product images is given below.

The Team Manager screen is user-configurable and can show a variety of information such as clockings, absences, day programs, flexi-time balances and much more.  It can also be used to enter data such as missing clockings or absences.

Astrow Team Manager

The Dashboard shows key information in an "at-a-glance" format.  It will alert users if there are network or power problems that mean the terminals are not communicating, when there are anomalies from their team members that need to be addressed, when there are absences to approve and other useful information.  The items that require action can be clicked on to display the appropriate screen.

Astrow Dashboard

Astrow follows a “management by exception” paradigm. Employees who work and clock their normal hours are automatically processed and do not require any input from the user. Exceptions occur when employees fail to clock, take unscheduled absences, work overtime that requires approval or have other attendance that is outside the norm. The user will be alerted to these types of event automatically by Astrow.

The Anomalies screen highlights where employees have not clocked according to the schedule, have overtime that requires approve or other anomalies. Clicking an entry will allow the user to make the necessary adjustments such as adding in missing clockings, approving or rejecting overtime or other changes. A handy "Send e-mail" link allows the suet to send an e-mail to the employee(s) concerned.

Astrow Anomalies Screen

Employees can make their own requests for holidays and absences using this screen. Requests are automatically sent to supervisors for authorisation.

Astrow Absence Request

Reports are easily generated by simple tick boxes, and can output to the screen, printer, CSV, Excel and other formats. They can also be emailed.

Astrow Reports Web

Astrow Reports Excel


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