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Monitoring absenteeism in the workplace

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How do I improve staff absenteeism?

Staff absence whether a day, a week or longer can have a significant impact on productivity and ultimately your organisation success.

Staff sickness can cost UK businesses up to £29 billion* a year. The CIPD’s Annual Absence Management Survey** reported that employees lose, on average, 8.3 days at work per year due to absences.

We all know that when a member of staff is absent, it impacts the team and the performance. In the 1980s a study was completed that identified that frequent individual days off had a greater impact on the organisation than longer-term sickness.

The Health and Safety Executive ( have a useful tool called The Bradford Factor and it allows you to develop a robust absence policy.


This tool is linked with our Arrow Professional system can actively and effectively track attendance and absence within your organisation and give your organisation a consistent, impartial absence policy that will reduce absence and empower your managers and team leaders to take appropriate action.

Source: * PwC. **Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

What is The Bradford Factor ?

The Bradford factor or sometimes know and the Bradford Formula was established to allow companies to allocate a point scale to absenteeism.  This HR tool allows you to identify the impact of absence on your company.

bradfordfactorequationThe Bradford factor calculates the duration of sickness against the frequency, this formula used is B= S² x D

S is the number of different times and individual is off sick and D is the total number of days absence. 

For example, if a staff member has 5 days off in one instance the equation is: 1x1x5=5.

Where as an individual who has had 5 individual days off would be: 5x5x5 = 125.

As you can see the scores for these two different times of leave have significantly different scores.  Good line managers and leaders can use these scores to effectively manage their teams with a clear impartial scoring system across the entire of your company. 

It is important to note that the Bradford Factor does not take into account individuals needs such as disability, caring requirements or other difficulties identified within the Equality act 2010.


How to track unplanned absenteeism? 

Our Astrow Professional time and attendance system provides a solid time and attendance solution with the emphasis on ease of use and attractive design. This makes it a good fit for most organisations. Astrow makes management of attendance hours, overtime, flexitime, holiday and absence tracking a breeze.

Benefits include:

  • astrowBradford Factor reporting module - Bradford Factor reporting works by measuring the number of absences over any given period. The Braford Fator can be used as evidence to mitigate vicarious liability in a compliant raised by ACAS (
  • Smart Mobile - covers a wide range of mobile applications that can be activated on a pay-as-you-go basis. Every application offers its own benefits, allowing you to even further extend the possibilities available in the desktop web version. By default, all of these applications are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • Reduce time taken for Time and Attendance management/payroll.
  • GDPR Compliant - notifications inform your employees on the procedures involved with the processing of their data.
  • Holiday and Absence - bookings and absence requests are available at touchscreen terminals.

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