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ProTime - Scalable workforce management | STANLEY Security

ProTime is a powerful, flexible and scalable Time and Attendance and Workforce Management solution.

ProTime can be scaled to suit all sizes of customer from organisations with fewer than 100 employees, right up to multi-nationals with multiple sites across the world employing thousands of staff. The Time and Attendance module is powerful and flexible and can handle a virtually unlimited number of shift patterns. It can accommodate complex shift and overtime rules, flexi-time, Time Off in Lieu and Annualised Hours, providing automatically calculated results.

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We are pleased to offer ProTime in a choice of buying formats to suit your needs, including Outright Purchase; STANLEY's own fully managed service on a tax efficient periodic (quarterly or yearly by Direct Debit) payment basis with no upfront costs; or as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

ProTime is available as either traditional on-premises installation or Software as a Service (SaaS). With SaaS, your ProTime system is hosted off-site in the ProTime data centre so you don't have to worry about providing a suitable server or other network infrastructure.

Furthermore, the full feature set of ProTime and any optional modules you have purchased, are accessible whenever you have a PC with an Internet connection.

The SaaS solution is accessed using a secure connection and operates using minimal network and processor resource. All processing takes place on the SaaS server. This means it will happily function even if you have slow Internet connection or low specification PCs.

SaaS solutions are ideal when capital expenditure budgets are tight or not available, keeping them tax efficient and the granular licensing for employee numbers means you can pay for 56, 613 or 1,024 employees over the contract. Seasonal demand can be catered for e.g. paying for 512 employees for January to October and 1020 employees in November and December.

SaaS backups, server maintenance and disaster recovery programmes ensure all your data is in safe hands.

Terminals & Readers

RS51Employees usually clock-in and clock-out using a hardware terminal, although there is also the option to use ProNet for web based clockings. Our standard terminals communicate via your network but we can also offer terminals that connect using modems or mobile phone networks for remote locations that don't have permanent network connections.

The terminals can also provide additional information to the employee, such as holiday remaining or flex balance and can also be used for absence clockings e.g. Off-Site Visits.

STANLEY offer several terminal models, ranging from a small and simple unit with a 2 line LCD display up to a sophisticated Microsoft Windows based terminal featuring a 10" colour touch screen. We can offer advice to help you to choose the model that best fits your organisation's needs. Multiple terminal models can be combined on the same ProTime system to accommodate differing needs across your organisation.

Each terminal will have an internal or external reader.


We offer readers that support proximity cards/fobs, magnetic stripe cards and barcode cards.

Our standard offering is a KeyPAC reader that provides a fast, convenient and reliable solution using either credit card sized cards, either pre-printed or printable, or heavy-duty fobs that can be attached to the employee's key ring. The KeyPAC cards can be presented to the reader whilst still inside the employee's wallet.

We can support third party proximity cards where a customer has already issued cards/fobs for another system. The most common are HID and MIFARE.

Fingerprint in Action

Our fingerprint offering uses advanced multi-spectral scanning that allows it to work where other fingerprint readers will fail. It can read beneath the top layer of skin so that people with worn fingerprints can still be recognised. It even can read fingerprints through latex gloves.

The reader is ideal for harsh environments such as outdoors, cold rooms and hose-down areas as it is dust and waterproof (IP65 rated). It has been tested in temperatures from -20°C to +70°C, rain, snow, ice and total submersion in water. It can perform on-board matching and has capacity for 8,000 fingers.

Using the Nano

The EyeSwipe-Nano reader is a state of the art biometric solution that uses a person’s iris (the coloured part of the eye) to quickly and accurately identifies the employee. It is replacement for a proximity, magnetic stripe or similar reader with the added advantage removing the requirement to carry cards or remember PINs. Matching is performed on the unit and it has enough capacity to store 50,000 eye pairs.

The EyeSwipe-Nano is the ultimate defense against buddy clocking. This will help to increase employee productivity and save on paying unnecessary overtime. No more wasted administration time issuing replacement cards or excuses for being late e.g. I have forgot my card.

Iris scanners are not to be confused with retina scanners. The EyeSwipe-Nano uses a pair of video cameras to capture high resolution images without any risk to the eye. The Iris contains more biometric data than any other biometric measurement other than DNA.

The EyeSwipe-Nano is a no-touch solution, preventing the spread of infections and is ideal where employees work with oil, grease or dirty materials.

The ProTime Suite

ProTime has a number of optional modules that provide additional benefits to customers who would like to decentralise their time and attendance solution or have remote workers.


ProNet provides a number of features for employees and their line management alike. It empowers the employee to take control of their time and attendance data by allowing them to make clockings from their PC, view a user-definable timesheet, request holidays and even make their own clocking corrections. Employees can be individually granted the permission to make corrections (e.g. adding in missing clockings or deleting extra clockings) and a workflow can be configured so that their corrections need to be approved by one or more line managers.

ProNet Absence Request

ProNet showing an absence request for Annual Holiday


  • Web browser based clockings.
  • Employee timesheet function.
  • Absence report management.
  • Absence authorisation.
  • 'Planning of colleagues' feature for employees.
  • Employee 'self-service' feature (typically employees can add missing clockings, delete duplicate clockings or enter absences). A workflow can be set up so that these changes require approval.


  • Saves costs of hardware terminals.
  • Facilitates flexible working, allowing employees to clock-in/clock-out from home or on-site.
  • Employees can manage their own time, particularly if they work flexi-time.
  • Users can request holidays or other absences and check their own remaining balance.
  • Simplifies processes/reduces administration time.
  • Enables employees to check whether any of their colleagues have booked an absence before making their own request. This helps to avoid disputes and disappointments.
  • Reduces manager's administration time
  • Employees can contribute to the administration of his/her Time and Attendance data.
  • Reduces license requirements in ProTime.
  • Simplifies and streamlines the administration of ProTime.

Aimed at the decentralisation of Time and Attendance management, ProTeam transfers a lot of the administration tasks from the main ProTime administrators to the team leaders. Team leaders are often more aware of the day to day activities of their team, making this method more reliable whilst reducing the total administration time and allowing updates to be done more quickly. It removes the need for the main ProTime administrators to contact team leaders to find out key information about their team members.

ProTeam Full Screen

ProTeam showing a Day Program View

When ProTeam is employed, it normally results in the number of ProTime administrators being reduced. For example a system that would otherwise require 5 ProTime administrators can be reduced to 1 ProTime administrators and a ProTeam user for each of the teams.

In ProTeam, the team leaders are able to manage the day-to-day tasks for their employees by utilising an interface thus allowing them to view whole teams onscreen at the same time. This can make several day-to-day tasks far easier, including applying absences, shift-swapping, viewing staff availability and anomaly management.

ProTeam is highly configurable. It is possible to create a number of views and these can be published to other users to make the process easier. Each view can be tailored to suit particular needs, such as showing shift patterns, absences or anomalies. Groups and filters allow information to be more readily accessible and visible by hiding data that is not of interest.


ProMobile is available for Android and iPhone/iPad. It allows employees to perform clockings anywhere that has a 3G/4G mobile phone connection or Wi-Fi using their smartphone.

Most ProTime systems are supplied with one or more hardware (physical) terminal. These terminals are ideal for the majority of employees in most organisations because they provide a cheap, reliable and simple means of capturing employees' working hours. The employee is simply issued with a card/fob or enrols their fingerprints/irises, so cost per employee is kept low. Each terminal is normally situated near a person's place of work, meaning that clockings accurately reflect the amount of time the person has been productive. However, many organisations have employees that visit customers and/or suppliers, work in the field etc. where it is not possible or practical to have a hardware terminal. For these employees ProMobile is ideal.

ProMobile Clock In Out

ProMobile app showing clocking screen

ProMobile has integrated geo-location recording with Google Maps® integration. It can be configured so that some, or all, employees are required to enable their device's GPS receiver before performing a clocking so that an accurate location is recorded along with the date and time. ProTime or ProTeam users can view the clocking location by clicking on a link that will display an exact position in Google Maps®. When ProMobile is used in conjunction with ProTeam Planning, appointments can be entered for employees by an administrator with the GPS coordinates; the employee can then tap "Navigate to" on their mobile device to be given turn-by-turn directions.

ProMobile Planned Cost

ProMobile showing planned cost with "Navigate to" button to provide turn-by-turn navigation to the employee


  • Android and iPhone/iPad applications. Available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  • Easy for employees to use.
  • Clockings made are immediately posted to ProTime/ProTeam. Management real-time information available.
  • Clock in from anywhere with a 3G/4G signal or Wi-Fi.
  • Customers with a large mobile workforce can easily configure their devices using QR codes. Please ask for details.
  • Geo-location to record exact GPS coordinate where a clocking was made. Can be used to eliminate clocking from inappropriate locations (e.g. home) and check that employees arrive on site, on time.
  • When used with ProTeam planning, GPS co-ordinate can be entered against an assignment. The user can then tap the "Navigate to" link to be given turn-by-turn directions using Google Maps or Apple Maps.
  • Employees can view their clockings and presence time for the day.
  • Other information can be set up for display e.g. flexi-time balance, today's shift etc.

ProTime Screenshots

ProTime can be scaled to suit all sizes of customer from organisations with fewer than 100 employees, right up to multi-nationals with multiple sites across the world employing thousands of staff. The Time and Attendance module is powerful and flexible and can handle a virtually unlimited number of shift patterns. It can accommodate complex shift and overtime rules, flexi-time, Time Off in Lieu and Annualised Hours, providing automatically calculated results.

ProTime Weekly Overview

ProTime Weekly Overview showing clockings, absences and calculated results

ProTime will cater for all your holiday planning and maintenance needs. It will display the number of days or hours the employee is entitled to, the number they have booked and taken, future bookings and remaining balance in an easy to use format either on-screen or in report format.

ProTime Details Annual Leave

Display of an employee's absences and credits with the effect on the balance and the running total

ProTime is successfully utilised in a wide range of markets including office and technology companies, manufacturing, transport, healthcare, local authority and service industries. It is equally well suited to blue collar and white collar employee requirements.

ProTime Yearly View With Day Programs Coloured

Yearly overview. This can be configured to show various information such as hours worked, absences, day program etc.

Employees can benefit from the optional ProNet module which allows web clockings, holiday requests and maintenance and the viewing of timesheet and other information.


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